Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hyper Island and SJ Join Forces to get Speed on the Digital Track

Press release 2009 11 19

Two Swedish enterprises, the Swedish Rail (SJ) and the digital media school Hyper Island have joined forces. SJ takes the next step to enhance digital communication by becoming a Hyper Island Learning Partner.

We're proud to announce that SJ has been a Hyper Island learning partner since April 2009.

In a learning partnership the Hyper Island student's creativity and deep knowledge of the way to handle the digital media concept is combined with a partner's ambition to move on forward - to a bright future.

- The Hyper Island students have exceeded our expectations by far every time. The inspiration we got from the students is helping us in our day-to-day work to get closer to our objective: using the new digital media as our main media," says Maria Hoglund; Director Broad Media at SJ.

Her colleague ClaesLindholtz, Director Customer Program & Customer Analysis at SJ agrees:

- During the process of building a mobile phone prototype, the Hyper Island students where able to understand our rather complex IT and business demands, and turned it into a well-designed and user-friendly application. The prototype has recently been presented at the event
Oracle Open World in San Francisco, and got large attention as a social CRM tool.

SJ AB is the main player on the Swedish railway market with almost 50 percent of the total market shares and a turnover of approximately 9.03 billion SEK in 2008. SJ carries about 115 000 passengers every day.

- Working together with SJ has been incredibly rewarding for us as well
as a natural step in taking our Learning Partner concept to the next
level, says Mattias Hansson, CEO at Hyper Island.

Hyper Island

Hyper Island is a world leading authority on Digital Media and has been producing top industry talent since 1995. Our students work at the forefront of the digital media industry at leading agencies, around the word. At present Hyper Island has 289 students.

For more information on the Hyper Island learning partnership, please contact: Victoria Egler, Director of partnerships,, +46-(0)70-832-3444 or

Christian Olsson, Marketing Director, Hyper Island, Stockholm + Karlskrona, , Tel: +46-(0)738-222-454