Monday, November 16, 2009

Control your info, Hyper Island students gain international fame

Almost 300 Facebook groups were hijacked recently, something that received worldwide attention, not only on blogs, Twitter and tech-sites but also by some of the largest players in the business, such as The New York Times and CNN. The people behind this coup d’ information were four Hyper Island students who say that the purpose was not to to illustrate the system’s weaknesses per se but rather to raise awareness of privacy issues amongst social media users. The project Control your Info meant that 289 Facebook groups had a new post on its wall where the “intruders” explained how easy these groups are manipulated.

Read the CNN article here

NBC picked up the news

So did The Huffington Post and Computer World

(Check out the Control your info channel on You Tube here)


Anonymous said...

So doing something illegal is something you promote? What's next, ruining fur coats in stores? Wow .. that's creative!

erik said...

Seems like someone got something wrong, do your research.

1- There's no hacking involved.
2- There's no illegal actions involved
3- It's not to illustrate a Facebook weakness, but to raise awareness of privacy issues amongst social media users.
4- The students never said they hacked anything. Sure, media said they did- but they did never.

They only broke one Facebook Term of Agreement: You can not create fictive accounts.

Sebastian said...

It saddens me to see that JT(?) made the same mistake as many media sites and newspapers - not doing his/her research! Very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing back in 07 (beeing a hyper island student at the time) and no one noticed. I only did about 20-30 groups so I guess that was my misstake.