Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recruitment Tour: Oslo (November 7th)

Our upcoming Hyper Island Recruitment Tour is coming to Olso on November 7th - Digital Media student Casper Cornelius Roalsvig Vasbotten will be on location.

Just like with Cas, who'll be at the Recruitment Tour stop in Amsterdam, we asked Casper to answer some questions that those who are considering applying for the tour might ask themselves.

What's it like being a Hyper Island student?
I love (almost) every day at Hyper Island. And the far by best thing is all the amazing people there. The great diversity of people from so many different backgrounds, all with an hunger and urge to learn new stuff is simply priceless. I feel this really is the backbone in Hyper Island. My experience is that you learn all the time, and not just in the lectures and workshops.
But it's also important to say that it's tough. Hyper Island is not a school you can surf through. All tough there are no exams or grades, you'll probably gonna have work more than in the regular university course to get through.
However, it's no pro doing all this hard work when your surrounded by 150 amazing and inspiring co-students.

Why should I go to the Recruitment Tour?
You should go to the Recruitment Tour if you wan to have a taste of what Hyper Island is about. I also can guarantee that if you go, you'll learn and experience something new and valuable.

Isn't being interviewed scary?
I wouldn't use the word scary per-say, but definitely challenging. There's probably only one thing to say about it: you cannot prepare for it. The best thing you can do is just be your self, and be honest. That will definitely get you far.
And if you're still scared; we'll do our best to be nice. :)

I'm unsure if I have enough computer/software knowledge to go to Hyper Island. What's your advice?
No worries. There are lots of people at Hyper Island who's not computer-geeks. And you are going to Hyper Island to learn, aren't you? You really don't have to be a HTML God to go to Hyper Island.
But if you really feel that don't have enough of these skills, and still really want to go to Hyper Island, then just start to learn. Open your computer (or buy/loan/find one) and start exploring!

Top three reasons I should go to Recruitment Tour in Oslo?
1. You'll get hands on insight of what Hyper Island really is about.
2. You'll 200% for sure learn something very useful. Probably something about yourself.
3. I'm gonna be there, and I really wanna meet you!

Thank you, Casper!

Click here to apply to the Hyper Island Recruitment Tour now!

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