Friday, October 23, 2009

Recruitment Tour: Amsterdam (November 7th)

Apply to the Hyper Island Recruitment Tour at Hyper Island's Recruitment Tour is kicking off on November 7th, making stops in Amsterdam and Oslo.

Cas Lemmens, Interactive Art Director student who will be at the Recruitment Tour day in Amsterdam, answered some questions that those who are considering applying for the tour might ask themselves.

What's it like being a Hyper Island student?
Being a Hyper Island student is one of the best experiences in my life. In the three months I've been here, I learned so much about myself, how I work, how I act in groups and most of all how I can improve myself. Everyone at Hyper is really open, and can't wait to help you with problems you have. Each and every one of the student has a personal field of interest, which brings a great learning experience when you ask them for help.
And beside that you have the parties, gaming contests, daily laughs and unique experiences you'll cherish for the rest of you life.

Why should I go to the Recruitment Tour?
Because the day is just full of new experiences. First of all, you get the chance to meet really interesting people who have the same interests as you but with a different view on it. There's a lot of time to mingle with them, so by the end of the day, you go home with a bunch of new friends.
And secondly, you get a taste of how Hyper Island works, and how it is to study there. It's a small appetizer that gives you a sense of the main dish.

Is the interview scary?
It was one of the most difficult interviews I ever did actually. I didn't know what to expect, and the permanent pokerfaces didn't make it easier. But when you step out of the interview, you realize there is nothing to expect, nor to prepare. You just have to go in and be yourself.

What did you learn at your Recruitment Tour day?
The best thing about the Recruitment Tour were the other attendees. I met people from all around the world, and by the end of the day I knew a lot more about different cultures and countries. It was nice to meet those people, and you got a feeling how it would be to work in group with different cultures.

What have you learned from working with students from different countries?
It's very rewarding. You handle problems a lot more efficient since you see it from many different perspectives. And the creative process becomes a lot richer. You get inspired by stories, pictures, experiences that your friends will share. It's probably the most attractive thing of Hyper Island, in my opinion.

I'm really interested in Hyper Island, but I'm unsure if I have enough computer/software knowledge. What's your advice?
Hyper Island does not expect any great computer/software knowledge at all. They focus on group dynamics, and being a good leader. You work on several projects, every time with a different group. And the more diverse the group is, the more exciting the project will be. People who have a good computer knowledge are handy, but certainly not the only thing that is necessary. We need copywriters, actors, clothing designers, music specialists, sport fans, happy cookers, ... you name it! Any field of interest will come in handy what so ever. Be proud of what you know, it will be handled with all the respect it needs!

Top three reasons I should go to Recruitment Tour in Amsterdam?
1. You'll meet very interesting and awesome people.
2. You'll get a small taste of what Hyper Island has to offer you.
3. You'll just have a great day and a unique experience.

Thank you, Cas!

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