Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More information about the Experience Animation & Technology 2009 Exibition

The students of Hyper Island are pleased to announce The Experience Animation and Technology Exhibition 2009, an exhibition of interactive and digital art.

The exhibition features the work of 120 students who are currently studying at Hyper Islands long term programs, Digital Media and Motion Graphics in the cities of Karlskrona and Stockholm.

Four weeks ago the students at Hyper Island were introduced to a new assignment.
The assignment was to get into 23 groups and create a solution that involved one or several technical components that was assigned by the school.

The components:
· Wii Remote
· Audrino
· Phidgets
· Web-cam

The goal with the assignment was to not have the main focus on digital media and online environments. We were asked to explore an area much more likely to be new to us independently of our background.

Working with tangible technology highlights the importance of creating an experience, one of the key differences between traditional and digital media.

We have now prepared 23 different, exciting and innovative audiovisual installations on a exhibition for everyone to come and explore.
How about getting in physical contact with your distant partner by the use of a new invention. Or how about creating art in Jackson Pollocks virtual studio, both by simply using the wii remote?

Experience these installations and many more...

All students have worked hard with a strong focus on exploration and creativity to create one of the best Hyper Island Exhibitions ever.
So do not miss out on this chance to be a part of new interactive and digital art.

Since this is a big opportunity to network with industry people and potential future students we have put all effort into making this as great as possible.

Also, the best prototypes of the exhibition will be taken to London for a second exhibition after being reviewed by a school jury (exact date to be announced).

The exhibition opens on Saturday October 24th
Gallery hours:
11:00AM. to 5:00PM
Tickets: Free of charge

Telefonvägen 30
126 37 Stockholm

Subway to Telefonplan

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For further information please contact:
Nina Amjadi
PR - Exhibition Group
+46 (0) 73 948 80 12

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