Friday, October 9, 2009

Apply to Hyper Island's Recruitment Tour 2009/2010

For the third year in a row Hyper Island will go on a unique World Recruitment Tour during the end of 2009 and early 2010.

Apply here:

Together with current Hyper Island students, parts of our staff will tour the world visiting the cities cited below. In doing so we're hoping to meet up with creative people who are interested in becoming Hyper Island Diploma Program students in the fall of 2010.

Amsterdam: 7
Oslo: 7
Sao Paolo: 14
Barcelona: 14
New York: 21
London: 28

Stockholm: 5

Stockholm: 16
London: 23
Amsterdam: 30

Barcelona: 8
Oslo: 13
New York: 20
Stockholm: 27

Berlin: 6
Stockholm: 20

Stockholm: 17

To visit the Recruitment Tour in a city near you, apply now!

Applying to the Recruitment Tour is your one and only chance to get accepted to the Diploma Programs at Hyper Island; considered to be one of the best digital media schools in the world! We have exactly 100 seats for the 2010 Diploma Programs, which means there will be competition.

A recruitment day takes approximately 10 hours and consists of:
· A personal interview.
· Meetings Hyper Island students and staff.
· An individual creative task.
· A team assignment.

You can apply to the following Hyper Island Diploma Programs:
· Interactive Art Director, Stockholm (1 year)
· Digital Media, Stockholm (2 years)
· Digital Media, Karlskrona (2 years)

In conclusion, Hyper Island is all about:
· Active participation and learning by experiencing, doing and reflecting.
· Trial and error. Mistakes are often the strongest learning experience.
· Working and progressing as an individual, and as part of a team.
· Using interactive media as a tool for implementing change and improvement.
· Guidance in self-perception and the power of group dynamics.
· Real clients, real needs - real learning.

For more detailed information, regarding Hyper Island, the Recruitment Tour and how to apply, please visit:

"This is miles away from boring interviews, or competitive sessions where you have to beat others. The recruitment day was a small slice of what Hyper Island really is; an unexpected and pleasant surprise, every day"
--Xavier Feliu, Spain, Digital Media student at Hyper Island

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