Friday, October 30, 2009

Hyper Island Session: David Erixon

David Erixon, Brand Director at Vodafone, visited Hyper Island Session on Thursday last week. David co-founded Hyper Island in 1995 as well as web agency Doberman.
During his lecture, David discussed the fragmentation of the media landscape and how traditional media channels have lost both effect and influence in a very short amount of time. David also discussed how traditional advertising has problems with reaching social networks and today's changeable consumers. Tomorrow's advertising must be based on good products and giving something fundamentally valuable to the consumer.
As an example, David showcased Vodaphone's new service Vodaphone 360, which has been developed based on these premises.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recruitment Tour: Oslo (November 7th)

Our upcoming Hyper Island Recruitment Tour is coming to Olso on November 7th - Digital Media student Casper Cornelius Roalsvig Vasbotten will be on location.

Just like with Cas, who'll be at the Recruitment Tour stop in Amsterdam, we asked Casper to answer some questions that those who are considering applying for the tour might ask themselves.

What's it like being a Hyper Island student?
I love (almost) every day at Hyper Island. And the far by best thing is all the amazing people there. The great diversity of people from so many different backgrounds, all with an hunger and urge to learn new stuff is simply priceless. I feel this really is the backbone in Hyper Island. My experience is that you learn all the time, and not just in the lectures and workshops.
But it's also important to say that it's tough. Hyper Island is not a school you can surf through. All tough there are no exams or grades, you'll probably gonna have work more than in the regular university course to get through.
However, it's no pro doing all this hard work when your surrounded by 150 amazing and inspiring co-students.

Why should I go to the Recruitment Tour?
You should go to the Recruitment Tour if you wan to have a taste of what Hyper Island is about. I also can guarantee that if you go, you'll learn and experience something new and valuable.

Isn't being interviewed scary?
I wouldn't use the word scary per-say, but definitely challenging. There's probably only one thing to say about it: you cannot prepare for it. The best thing you can do is just be your self, and be honest. That will definitely get you far.
And if you're still scared; we'll do our best to be nice. :)

I'm unsure if I have enough computer/software knowledge to go to Hyper Island. What's your advice?
No worries. There are lots of people at Hyper Island who's not computer-geeks. And you are going to Hyper Island to learn, aren't you? You really don't have to be a HTML God to go to Hyper Island.
But if you really feel that don't have enough of these skills, and still really want to go to Hyper Island, then just start to learn. Open your computer (or buy/loan/find one) and start exploring!

Top three reasons I should go to Recruitment Tour in Oslo?
1. You'll get hands on insight of what Hyper Island really is about.
2. You'll 200% for sure learn something very useful. Probably something about yourself.
3. I'm gonna be there, and I really wanna meet you!

Thank you, Casper!

Click here to apply to the Hyper Island Recruitment Tour now!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Roger Sjögren on how Hyper Island puts slogans into practice

Photo: International Programme Office for Education and Training

After a presentation about Hyper Island's methodology at the International Programme Office for Education and Training's "Yrkesutbildningsdagarna" last year, Hyper Island Director of Research & Development, Roger Sjögren, talked to the Programme about how Hyper Island puts slogans into practice.

Says Roger when asked if only persons with a certain type of personality can change during the education;
"That's not my experience. We are multidimensional people. It is not about transforming a human being. It is about getting someone to review a specific situation and embrace the behaviors that are constructive. I myself am terrified of conflict but I have learned to be in conflict because I know there is a positive way to find solutions. If I go and hide myself in my room, nothing will change."

Read the interview here:
- In Swedish
- Google translated into English

Friday, October 23, 2009

Recruitment Tour: Amsterdam (November 7th)

Apply to the Hyper Island Recruitment Tour at Hyper Island's Recruitment Tour is kicking off on November 7th, making stops in Amsterdam and Oslo.

Cas Lemmens, Interactive Art Director student who will be at the Recruitment Tour day in Amsterdam, answered some questions that those who are considering applying for the tour might ask themselves.

What's it like being a Hyper Island student?
Being a Hyper Island student is one of the best experiences in my life. In the three months I've been here, I learned so much about myself, how I work, how I act in groups and most of all how I can improve myself. Everyone at Hyper is really open, and can't wait to help you with problems you have. Each and every one of the student has a personal field of interest, which brings a great learning experience when you ask them for help.
And beside that you have the parties, gaming contests, daily laughs and unique experiences you'll cherish for the rest of you life.

Why should I go to the Recruitment Tour?
Because the day is just full of new experiences. First of all, you get the chance to meet really interesting people who have the same interests as you but with a different view on it. There's a lot of time to mingle with them, so by the end of the day, you go home with a bunch of new friends.
And secondly, you get a taste of how Hyper Island works, and how it is to study there. It's a small appetizer that gives you a sense of the main dish.

Is the interview scary?
It was one of the most difficult interviews I ever did actually. I didn't know what to expect, and the permanent pokerfaces didn't make it easier. But when you step out of the interview, you realize there is nothing to expect, nor to prepare. You just have to go in and be yourself.

What did you learn at your Recruitment Tour day?
The best thing about the Recruitment Tour were the other attendees. I met people from all around the world, and by the end of the day I knew a lot more about different cultures and countries. It was nice to meet those people, and you got a feeling how it would be to work in group with different cultures.

What have you learned from working with students from different countries?
It's very rewarding. You handle problems a lot more efficient since you see it from many different perspectives. And the creative process becomes a lot richer. You get inspired by stories, pictures, experiences that your friends will share. It's probably the most attractive thing of Hyper Island, in my opinion.

I'm really interested in Hyper Island, but I'm unsure if I have enough computer/software knowledge. What's your advice?
Hyper Island does not expect any great computer/software knowledge at all. They focus on group dynamics, and being a good leader. You work on several projects, every time with a different group. And the more diverse the group is, the more exciting the project will be. People who have a good computer knowledge are handy, but certainly not the only thing that is necessary. We need copywriters, actors, clothing designers, music specialists, sport fans, happy cookers, ... you name it! Any field of interest will come in handy what so ever. Be proud of what you know, it will be handled with all the respect it needs!

Top three reasons I should go to Recruitment Tour in Amsterdam?
1. You'll meet very interesting and awesome people.
2. You'll get a small taste of what Hyper Island has to offer you.
3. You'll just have a great day and a unique experience.

Thank you, Cas!

Apply to the Hyper Island Recruitment Tour at:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More information about the Experience Animation & Technology 2009 Exibition

The students of Hyper Island are pleased to announce The Experience Animation and Technology Exhibition 2009, an exhibition of interactive and digital art.

The exhibition features the work of 120 students who are currently studying at Hyper Islands long term programs, Digital Media and Motion Graphics in the cities of Karlskrona and Stockholm.

Four weeks ago the students at Hyper Island were introduced to a new assignment.
The assignment was to get into 23 groups and create a solution that involved one or several technical components that was assigned by the school.

The components:
· Wii Remote
· Audrino
· Phidgets
· Web-cam

The goal with the assignment was to not have the main focus on digital media and online environments. We were asked to explore an area much more likely to be new to us independently of our background.

Working with tangible technology highlights the importance of creating an experience, one of the key differences between traditional and digital media.

We have now prepared 23 different, exciting and innovative audiovisual installations on a exhibition for everyone to come and explore.
How about getting in physical contact with your distant partner by the use of a new invention. Or how about creating art in Jackson Pollocks virtual studio, both by simply using the wii remote?

Experience these installations and many more...

All students have worked hard with a strong focus on exploration and creativity to create one of the best Hyper Island Exhibitions ever.
So do not miss out on this chance to be a part of new interactive and digital art.

Since this is a big opportunity to network with industry people and potential future students we have put all effort into making this as great as possible.

Also, the best prototypes of the exhibition will be taken to London for a second exhibition after being reviewed by a school jury (exact date to be announced).

The exhibition opens on Saturday October 24th
Gallery hours:
11:00AM. to 5:00PM
Tickets: Free of charge

Telefonvägen 30
126 37 Stockholm

Subway to Telefonplan

View Larger Map

For further information please contact:
Nina Amjadi
PR - Exhibition Group
+46 (0) 73 948 80 12

Monday, October 19, 2009

Experience Animation & Technology 2009 Exibition - Saturday this week!

Hyper Island's Digital Media and Motion Graphics Designer students' Experience Animation & Technology Exhibition will take place in Stockholm on Saturday, October 24th, from 11AM-5PM.

Find out more at:

And check out the students' blogs:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Right now at Hyper Island: Interactive Art Director students' blog

Interactive Art Director 2010 Stockholm student group Lap of Luxury consists of Swedes Kenneth Larsen, Simon Schlyter, Maira Serra from Spain, and Sougwen Chung from Canada.

The group is currently working on cutting-edge social media concepts for furniture giant, IKEA.
To follow the group's progress as well as daily task challenges as a group, such as the video below, visit: - or follow them on Twitter.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Apply to Hyper Island's Recruitment Tour 2009/2010

For the third year in a row Hyper Island will go on a unique World Recruitment Tour during the end of 2009 and early 2010.

Apply here:

Together with current Hyper Island students, parts of our staff will tour the world visiting the cities cited below. In doing so we're hoping to meet up with creative people who are interested in becoming Hyper Island Diploma Program students in the fall of 2010.

Amsterdam: 7
Oslo: 7
Sao Paolo: 14
Barcelona: 14
New York: 21
London: 28

Stockholm: 5

Stockholm: 16
London: 23
Amsterdam: 30

Barcelona: 8
Oslo: 13
New York: 20
Stockholm: 27

Berlin: 6
Stockholm: 20

Stockholm: 17

To visit the Recruitment Tour in a city near you, apply now!

Applying to the Recruitment Tour is your one and only chance to get accepted to the Diploma Programs at Hyper Island; considered to be one of the best digital media schools in the world! We have exactly 100 seats for the 2010 Diploma Programs, which means there will be competition.

A recruitment day takes approximately 10 hours and consists of:
· A personal interview.
· Meetings Hyper Island students and staff.
· An individual creative task.
· A team assignment.

You can apply to the following Hyper Island Diploma Programs:
· Interactive Art Director, Stockholm (1 year)
· Digital Media, Stockholm (2 years)
· Digital Media, Karlskrona (2 years)

In conclusion, Hyper Island is all about:
· Active participation and learning by experiencing, doing and reflecting.
· Trial and error. Mistakes are often the strongest learning experience.
· Working and progressing as an individual, and as part of a team.
· Using interactive media as a tool for implementing change and improvement.
· Guidance in self-perception and the power of group dynamics.
· Real clients, real needs - real learning.

For more detailed information, regarding Hyper Island, the Recruitment Tour and how to apply, please visit:

"This is miles away from boring interviews, or competitive sessions where you have to beat others. The recruitment day was a small slice of what Hyper Island really is; an unexpected and pleasant surprise, every day"
--Xavier Feliu, Spain, Digital Media student at Hyper Island

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day in a Life of Tomorrow

Hyper Island Interactive Art Director students Anna Lundqvist, Ahmed Shaker, Daniel Kullberg, Gabriella Evelina Britth, Maira Serra and Sveinung Skaalnes created a presentation with a glimpse into the future of digital advertising, just like a group of students we've blogged about before.

Click on the image below to see the group's presentation:

The team interviewed industry people at DesignWeek, Firstborn, JWT, Kessleskramer, Naked, University of Vic, W+K as well as Tomas Nihlén of Urban Lifestyle - click here to read Tomas' answers.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Congratulations Waldemar, Nathan and Robbin!

Congratulations to Interactive Art Director 2010 Stockholm students Waldemar Wegelin, Nathan Ross and Robbin Ingvarsson for winning Tribal DDB and Lipton's Digital Days Creative Contest!

The three went to Paris last week to present their idea and work in front of the Tribal DDB team and Garth Woolley, the global brand manager of Lipton.

How did you end up working together?
We (Robbin & Waldemar) worked together in a previous school project. We enjoyed that, so when we got the brief from Tribal DDB and Lipton it felt natural to continue with our collaboration. Nathan joined in as the missing piece and our group was formed.

How come you submitted to the contest in the first place?
The brief arrived immediately after our second module where our very inspiring project leader Henrik (kudos!) armed us with tools for generating and developing ideas. This challenge looked like a perfect opportunity to practice and use those toy on our own. And obviously we were excited about having the chance for a trip to Paris.

What was the brief about?
It was about finding a solution that would connect Lipton Ice Tea and their message "Drink Positive" with its audience. The criteria was that it would have to be innovative; something that simply could not have been possibly five years ago.

What's your concept about?
We call it the "Smile Experiment", basically it's about bringing the Lipton Ice Tea message to life and connecting it to Lipton's target audience in a really cool way. Think emotional browsing... for the moment though we can't give away too much information because we're Tribal DDB and Lipton are looking for a way to produce our idea.

What if you win?
We did win! We went to Paris thursday morning and presented to the client, Tribal DDB and a bunch of other people visiting the Digital Days. The client loved it and we've received nothing but praise from everyone involved. Bringing our idea to life will initially mean a lot of planning and testing on behalf of Lipton and Tribal DDB. For us, this means that we not only won a competition and a piece for our portfolio – but also a chance to get our idea produced. Maybe even more trips to Paris or London, fingers crossed.

Any new learnings?
Lots! First of all about the work progress and the great value of having tools and structure for generating ideas. Secondly that don't settle for an idea before you get that special butterfly feeling in your stomach. We generated a couple of hundred ideas, lots of bad ones and about three "good enough" and in the end this one that filled our criterias of being both great and innovative. For the presentation we created a case movie. Despite of being a bit persuasive the movie also made us think ahead and plan exactly what we we're gonna say to whom. We ended up rewriting the script a couple of times and each time made the idea and our common understanding of the possibilities even greater.

Feature dreams, where would you like to end up?
Answering this questions while sipping a cappuccino next to the impressive Notre Dame, it's tempting to say Paris. But honestly, time will tell. It's not so much about a certain place in the world as about finding a nice atmosphere with values focused on creating idea driven work. Nathan is excited about Japan as a place to work, we are still spinning the globe.

Thank you Robbin, Wal and Nathan!

Congratulations also to the following students whose projects made it to the final stages of the contest:
Azin Ashourvan
Gro Larsson
Lasse Korsgaard
Jone Eskilsson
Minna Johans
Magnus Karlsson
Alexander Kristensen

Friday, October 2, 2009

"Creativity brings innovation to the UK economy"

Says an article by Birmingham Post.

"Universities like Birmingham City University have the opportunity to enhance skill development and focus on ambition and vocation. The recent announcement from the university, in collaboration with Advantage West Midlands, to launch Hyper Island is a welcome one. This initiative will stimulate new thinking and transfer knowledge to potential entrepreneurs of the future."

Read the entire article at Birmingham Post!

Read more about Hyper Island's Accidental Leaders Programme UK!