Friday, September 25, 2009

Web Designer interview with Digital Media 2010 Stockholm student

Digital Media 2010 Stockholm student Sanna Wickman tells Web Designer Magazine about her class' promotion site 53 Colors.

Says Sanna; "To get attention by the digital media industry it just isn’t enough to shout as loud as you can, you have to have something important to say and say it in a creative way. (...) The challenge for us as students was also to find that exact tone of voice that is suited for our target audience; the industry, and to be present not only on our own site but also where the industry already is: in social media and forums that they visit every day.

The short term benefits is that the project gives all of the students a chance to be exposed and promoted in the industry, so that we more easily can get internships and get to know the industry and the people within it. The long term benefit is that we through the process learn about marketing and promotion, by actually doing it! We learn the tools of branding, strategy, and public relations, which will be useful throughout our coming careers."

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