Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anders Sjöstedt is Hyper Island's new representative in New York City

Hyper Island is proud to announce that Anders Sjöstedt will be representing Hyper Island in New York City.

Up until recently Anders has been in charge of Sweden's largest cubator "Minc" and he’s also been running the management consultancy "YalaYala" in Copenhagen. Anders works as a writer and is frequently hired as speaker on the subjects innovation and growth around in Sweden. He also holds the position as director of "Swedish Creative Industries".

Starting September 14th this year, Anders will be responsible for all Hyper Island activities in New York City.

"This means that we’ll be able to work really close with what looks like the next big Hyper Island branch. The presence of Anders in NYC will help to keep our service level high in the city of cities", says Hyper Island CEO, Mattias Hansson.

Hyper Island already has a partner in the US; the new education effort Boulder Digital Works at The University of Colorado.
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Hyper Island students have chosen to go to the US for internships and to work at agencies for more than 14 years now.

"In many ways, Hyper Island has a stronger brand in New York than in Sweden. The fight to succeed in the world's most important market will be a challenge, but many doors are already open for us here", says Anders Sjöstedt.

The first education effort for Hyper Island in NYC will be a Hyper Island Master Class for Executives together with the One Club on October 15th - 17th, 2009.
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For more information, please contact Anders Sjöstedt:
+1 917 981 0302


Hi Anders! What's your view on Hyper Island and why did you choose to get involved?
Hyper Island has an aim to be the best in the world at what you do, you constantly improve yourselves and the brand is very strong internationally. To be involved in such a context is always great. I was trained at The KaosPilots, a Danish management school, and their way of challenging students is very similar to how Hyper Island works. I feel at home!

How's the business climate in NYC right now?
Everybody always struggles in New York, whether the threat is competition or recession, but the current situation leaves space for new solutions. Most people tell me that they have just as much work as before, maybe even more, but that they are asked to come up with more clever and less costly solutions. That requires creative skill, which is good for every city.

Why is there a need for Hyper Island in NYC?
Despite what one might think, most training in the US, even on advanced levels, is very traditional. The teachers talk and show, the class listens and copies. All training at Hyper Island aims at boosting individual skills, which requires teamwork, hard-core client cases and a focus on the participant's personal goals. This makes Hyper Island unique.

Where can those interested visit Hyper Island in NYC?
We're scouting for a location for the new school. Until that is settled, you can meet us at The One Club on East 26 Street. Me, you can usually find daytime at 11th Street Café, evenings at the free tennis courts on Essex street and nights at Joseph Leonard on Waverly.

Anders moved to New York in February 2009 because it's the best city in the world. When he doesn't work for Hyper Island, he tries to improve his tennis skills, consults the cotton industry on Barbados and checks out his B&B in Spain. He's a proud Aquarian, speaks six languages and has a very cute boyfriend.

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