Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcome Motion Graphics Designer 2010 Karlskrona!

Motion Graphics Designer 2010 Karlskrona also started this week, welcome! We asked a few questions to two of the students; Frederikke from Denmark and Swede Christopher-Robin:

Why Hyper Island?
Frederikke Glick (FG): I have a friend who studied Interactive Art Director in Stockholm and he thought that Hyper Island was something for me. He sent me some papers with info about Hyper Island and it felt perfect for me. I think that taking lecturers from the industry, companies like Pixar and Double Negative, is far better than having in-house teachers.
Christopher-Robin Eklund (CR): I’ve heard of the innovative learning method and it seems very good. To practice improve what you are good at during your education is really great. I’ve also heard so much about the good reputation and that over 90% of the graduated students finds a job directly after the graduation.

What expectations do you have on the Motion Graphics Designer program?
FG: The personal development and group dynamics. I expect to become good at the things we learn and that we will learn a great deal of things.
CR: I want to develop personally. I also want to get a deeper insight in the motion graphics field and combine it with my past as a photographer. Moving media is the one single thing that grows the most on the web today.

Can you tell us about your day so far?
FG: It has been good and interesting. It has been very interesting and fun to meet the new class. I also hope that the structure of the first day will keep on throughout the year.
CR: It’s been great. I think that it’s good that we already the first day started to deal with all the myths that surround Hyper Island.

What is the best summer moment of 2009?
CR: When I got accepted to Hyper Island, no doubt about it!
FG: When I got accepted of course. But also the whole thing with moving from Copenhagen, Denmark where I live to Karlskrona.

Where will you be in five years?
FG: I will work as a compositor for Digital Domain or another VFX agency in LA. Hope that they read this blog!
CR: I will work as my own or as an employee, combining the new things I’ve learnt about motion graphics at Hyper Island with my skills as a professional photographer.

Thank you, Frederikke and Christopher-Robin!

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