Friday, August 21, 2009

Hyper Island - Now in New York City!

The first Hyper Island Master Class for Executives in New York City will be offered on October 15th - 17th 2009 together with highly respected organization The One Club.

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Beginning November 1st 2009, Hyper Island will have representation in New York City and will mainly start offering tailor-made courses in digital for the industry. There is a huge need for training on spot in New York City, the clients are present and, according to the industry, no other educational institute as Hyper Island exists in the U.S.

"Executives are always right... But in one important question they are usually wrong - they also need continuous, off work, training. Hyper Island Master Class is tailor made to perfectly suit this demanding group’s specific needs. Anyone who take the chance to knowledge-boost The Hyper Island Way will be deeply rewarded", says Mattias Hansson, CEO, Hyper Island.

The Hyper Island Master Class for Executives is open for all professionals who feel that they need to raise their knowledge about digital and interactive communication.

"We are more than happy to make it possible for Executives in the communications industry to take a Hyper Island Master Class in New York City. The US industry professionals that has been traveling to Sweden to experience Hyper Island over the years have always asked us when we will offer the same opportunity on US soil. That time is now", says Mattias Hansson, CEO, Hyper Island.

After more than 14 years in Sweden, world renown Swedish education company Hyper Island earlier this year declared its new partnership with Boulder Digital Works in Colorado, U.S and will be offering unique short courses including Understanding Group Leadership and Hyper Island Master Classes for Creatives, Project Managers, and Strategists for the first time in the U.S. Register and read more here:

Hyper Island has already started the journey of internationalization. Since the start in 1996, Hyper Island has always taken on international students. All programs are conducted in English. This year Hyper Island has students from 14 different countries in the long-term programs, which makes Hyper Island one of the most international private educational companies in Sweden.

“This year we will be offering tailor-made courses based on the Hyper Island model throughout North America. I would be very surprised if we don’t offer full-time educational programs in the U.S within a couple of years”, says Mattias Hansson, CEO, Hyper Island.

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