Monday, May 18, 2009

Digital Media specialization students' work

"For the last 5 weeks we’ve been doing ‘Specialization part 2′ at Hyper Island. A module where the class divides up in different specializations (Technology, Management and Design) and gets special assignments for each specialization.

We (design specialization) got a very interesting brief from 3 young Swedes that had a dream to produce jeans in North Korea. They had an incredibly well documented story and both an interesting and unique concept. Our brief said to design a graphical profile, web concept, launch strategy as well as package design for a future perfume and the launch strategy behind it.

Quite the brief – and with only 4 weeks of production it seemed like we were in for a real challenge!"
, writes Digital Media 2010 Karlskrona student Ole Martin Kristiansen.

See some of his group's designs and read more at Ole Martin's blog!

Check out more student work at the Hyper Island Student Gallery!

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