Monday, May 25, 2009

Congratulations Business Management 2009!

Hyper Island's Business Management 2009 students graduated earlier this month. Congratulations!

Business Management 2009

We caught up with newly graduated Charlotte Hagefors and Frida Öhrman who told us more about their experiences at Hyper Island.

Frida: The examination week was an amazing week! So nice to meet everybody again after almost half a year. When we see each other we always have something to talk about, it feels like we last met each other yesterday. I know these people better than I know my oldest best friends!

Biggest learning experience at Hyper Island?
Charlotte: My biggest lesson learned is my self-understanding.
Thanks to especially UGL, process weeks and several personality tests, I have come to know new sides of myself that I will be of great help in the future.
Frida: I've learned so much about myself that I always can use in every possible situation. I've grown as a person, I understand myself in a better way, know about my strengths and weaknesses. I feel strong, self-secure and safe with myself! Like my classmate Sofie said, "you have grown from a little girl to an awesome project manager!"

Frida Öhrman

What's the best thing about Hyper Island?
Charlotte: You work in real exciting projects. And it's ok to fail. You also get an incredibly large network and in contact with several exciting industries.
Frida: The absolutely best thing about Hyper Island is the unusual learning methods, that we work in real projects with real customers - learning by doing, trial and error! The personal development, to work with a lot of feedback, and that there is two long periods of internship. The education is close to the real work life and the step out into the work life doesn't feel big but natural.

What's been your biggest challenge?
Frida: During the Final Project I had a break down and got a depression. I think it was the result of to many big changes in my live during short time, moving around a lot, studying, doing my internship, and working during summer. That, together with a very difficult final project with a troublesome customer was too much for me. I was very open and honest and told my group about how I felt, and we solved it in a good way, me working just half days. In the end, the result of our project turned out great and I'm very proud of it!
Charlotte: My biggest challenge was to find out what I want to work with in the future.

What’s been the most fun at Hyper Island?
Charlotte: I have many fun memories from Hyper Island. I have met so many wonderful and inspiring people.
Frida: The absolutely most fun during my time at Hyper Island was spending time with my lovely classmates. We spent a lot of time together and had a lot of fun, both during the days in school, and in evenings and weekends, cooking and eating dinners together and party a lot of course!

Charlotte Hagefors

Do you have any advice for future Business Management students?
Charlotte: Be yourselves and dare to bet on what you want to do. Put your goals high.
Dare to fail.
Frida: My advice for future Business Management students is to dare, dare, dare! The more you give from your self the more you will get back. Be open and honest to others and to yourself, challenge yourself and go outside your comfort zone. And take care of your relationships with all the wonderful people you will get to know during the way, and keep contact with them even after your education!

What’s happening next?
Charlotte: I now look forward to work as production manager on the event and communications agency Bodén & Co in Stockholm. I did my last internship there and now I have employment. It feels wonderful to get to work with exactly what I want to do right now.
I will miss many of the school, but feels great to be back at work after 2 years of study.
Frida: Now I'm looking forward to finally start to work. After studying at the university for three years I felt insecure and didn’t know what I wanted to do, but after two more years at Hyper Island it feels completely natural to start working, I'm really ready for it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Digital Media specialization students' work

"For the last 5 weeks we’ve been doing ‘Specialization part 2′ at Hyper Island. A module where the class divides up in different specializations (Technology, Management and Design) and gets special assignments for each specialization.

We (design specialization) got a very interesting brief from 3 young Swedes that had a dream to produce jeans in North Korea. They had an incredibly well documented story and both an interesting and unique concept. Our brief said to design a graphical profile, web concept, launch strategy as well as package design for a future perfume and the launch strategy behind it.

Quite the brief – and with only 4 weeks of production it seemed like we were in for a real challenge!"
, writes Digital Media 2010 Karlskrona student Ole Martin Kristiansen.

See some of his group's designs and read more at Ole Martin's blog!

Check out more student work at the Hyper Island Student Gallery!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Interactive Art Director 2009 students awarded - again!

Two silver statues to Hyper Island students Christian Söderholm and Dennis Rosenqvist in the 50th Clio Awards.

On May 13th, Christian Söderholm and Dennis Rosenqvist, students in Interactive Art Director 09, won silver in the Student Interactive category - twice! - in the annual Clio Awards.

The work for Skara Sommarland – “Take the Challenge” – gets awarded once more. And this time around, the entry “Tag Player” for BBC also gets a statue.
– Feels extra nice to win two statues for two different entries, says Dennis Rosenqvist.

Next up is the D&AD awards in the beginning of July, where “Tag Player” is nominated again.
– Now that we missed the gala in Las Vegas, we should really try to go to the D&AD ceremony in London. We hope that the jury has the same opinions as the one in Clio had, Christian Söderholm fills in, smiling.

Christian is currently at a placement at DDB Stockholm and Dennis is at Wieden + Kennedy London. You can read more about them at and

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Business Management students started two companies while still in school

Business Management 2009 students Carl-Henric Möllerström, Conny Bark and Jakob Adaktusson (who are about to graduate from Hyper Island this week) have started two companies - while studying! We were intrigued and asked Carl-Henric to tell us more:

Why did you start the companies?
The idea of, started by Jakob and I, came when I realized the incredible interest around wine and the hard part about selecting wine. You select wine by label or chose the wine you always drink or after what the TV chef says. But since we have different taste buds we don’t like the same wines, therefore, gives you just recommendations from the people who like similar wines as you.

Click here to watch a bigger version of the video.

With M & B that I started together with Conny, it was not so complicated, we had Telenor as a customer before the company started and it gave us great opportunities. I had already experience of setting up companies and it was just to get going. It is also very interesting to work with the streamline of companies IT-structure and communication.

What are the companies about?
Winelinking is basically a recipe- and wine site that provides personal recommendations of recipes and what wines you should test all along what the users think. But it also works as pure wine and recipe search engine if you’re not a member.

M & B, however, makes IT solutions to other companies. We are working primarily to improve efficiency of company's internal communications by creating a better communication, documentation and user portal.

What are your goals?
The objectives for Winelinking is that by “the system of the crowd" give accurate recommendations of which wines and recipes you may like.
We can already show all the wines available at Systembolaget and we will as soon as possible make it possible to view the e-shops that sell them.
We want to provide as many recipes and wines as possible and a natural objective is of course to make an iPhone app.

The objectives of M & B is to use cloud services to streamline the companies communications and IT infrastructure. We have had a positive cash flow from the beginning due out that we had consultant job before the company was started.
We have become Registered Partner with Microsoft and we expect to be Gold Partner within a few months on the platform Sharepoint and Office Live.

Why did you decide to start the companies together?
In both cases, it was a shared interest in IT and business that led to cooperation. Since the personal chemistry worked well and we have additional properties knowledge and experience we work very well together.

What do you say to other students who might think starting a company is too big of a hassle while still studying?
Sure, it may be perceived as hard to run two companies while studying, but it is not really that hard if you think it is fun and believe in what you do, (that sounded cliché-ridden).
And when it pays for itself in different ways, one realizes that it is really worth the effort, but I guess it takes a certain drive to do it.

On a personal level, what do you hope to learn?
The industry is very young and changes all the time, so I learn new things all the time.
One important thing I have learned is that the internet is for the information society as the steam engine was to industrial society. I do of course want to be very good at what I am doing and quickly put into practice the ideas I have, for there is more.

Thank you, Carl-Henric, and have a great last week at Hyper Island!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Accidental Leader Programme UK launches on May 20th & 21st!

Hyper Island's Accidental Leader Programme is launching in Manchester and Liverpool next week, together with Accidental Managers which is being delivered by Kirkbright.
RSVP now!

Manchester Launch
Date and Time: 6pm Wednesday 20 May 2009
Venue: Museum of Science & Industry

Liverpool Launch
Date and Time: 6pm Thursday 21 May 2009
Venue: Tate Liverpool

Click here to RSVP!

For more information about the Accidental Leader programme - Download this PDF.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interactive Art Director students win Art Directors Club Awards cubes

Interactive Art Director 2009 students Christian Söderholm and Dennis Rosenqvist received Gold and Silver Cubes in the 88th Art Directors Club Awards.

Last Thursday, the two students went to New York to the annual Art Directors Club Awards. Back home they brought not only the experience of meeting people from the industry around the world, but also not less than two Art Directors Club Cubes!
Gold in Interactive and Silver in Integrated Advertising. Both for Skara Sommarland and the “Take the Challenge” campaign.

– Now we really look forward to the results from the nominations in the CLIO Awards, says Dennis Rosenqvist. Sadly, we can’t afford to go to the gala in Las Vegas. Besides, we have to work a little at our placements too, he continues, laughing.

We previously blogged about Christian and Dennis being on the Clio Awards 2009 student shortlist. Now they're also nominated in the D&AD awards!

D&AD released their nominations for this years student awards last Friday, Christian and Dennis are among the nominated with their work for BBC.
– Fantastic to receive yet another nomination, says Christian Söderholm.

The awards will be announced at the D&AD Student Awards Ceremony on 2 July 2009.
– Of course we hope for the best, Christian continues. A D&AD pencil would be an honour to receive. Especially if you think about the fierce competition.

Click here to see the nominated and award-winning work!

Christian is currently at his internship placement at DDB Stockholm and Dennis is at Wieden + Kennedy London.
You can read more about them at and

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hyper Island graduate behind the Twitter logo

Hyper Island Crew 7 (Digital Media 2003) graduate Linda Gavin is one of the creators behind the Twitter logo. Well done!

Linda told Swedish newspaper Express that the logo was just a sketch among 30 suggested designs. Read the whole interview:
· in Swedish
· in English

Check out our Hyper Island blog interview with Linda from 2007.