Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pixar and Double Negative at Hyper Island

This week will be all about motion at Hyper Island. Ziah Fogel, Senior Technical Director at Double Negative, London and John Pottebaum, Technical Director at Pixar, Emeryville, US, are coming to Karlskrona as well as Stockholm to talk about the animated world as they see it.

Ziah Fogel and John Pottebaum.
Photo: Gregory Solenström, Digital Media 2010 Stockholm

“I'm coming to Hyper Island to try to educate and inspire the students to pursue a career in the film industry. I've been lucky to have a wealth of experience working on both computer animated films and visual effects for live-action films, and would like to help teach students how the industry works and how best to break into computer graphics if they're interested”, Ziah Fogel says, who’s returning to Hyper Island this year. She held a very well received lecture last year for the Hyper Island students. At that time, she worked for Pixar, but has now moved on to Double Negative in London.

"While many are familiar with Pixar's body of work and our finished product, I think there's a lot to share about how we put these things together. I'd like to talk about the technical challenges Up presented, as well as the different roles people play in putting one of these films together. By speaking at Hyper Island I hope to get more students interested in computer animation, and help those already interested learn a bit more about how to get started in the industry", John Pottebaum says.

One or our studentes, Therese Larsson says:
"I am very excited about Pixar and Double Negative coming, I anticipate a new boost of inspiration and creativity, as well as a new insight to communication. I believe we have a lot to learn from one of the greatest storytellers of today and I am very eager to listen to what they have to say. I believe I will be a little more inspired, a little more eager and just a little bit more creative after having attended this lecture."

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