Thursday, April 30, 2009

More from Double Negative's Ziah Fogel

Earlier this month, Pixar and Double Negative lectured at Hyper Island. We were happy to take the opportunity to ask Double Negative Senior Technical Director Ziah Fogel questions about the visual effects field:

What skills are typical among successful visual effects artists?
Successful visual effects artists are generally good communicators, easy-going, good at time-management, highly motivated over-achievers. The more technical usually have great math and computer programming skills, can communicate with artists, and have a decent visual eye. The more artistically inclined have amazing visual arts skills, can relate to more technical people, and are competent with computers. Everyone working in visual effects should be prepared for tight deadlines and lots of work, but also lots of fun!

What qualities make a successful intern?
The most successful interns are fast learners, have some general knowledge about the area they're interning in, and communicate well. They're also highly motivated, enthusiastic, and ready to learn new things!

Ziah Fogel, Senior Technical Director at Double Negative and John Pottebaum, Technical Director at Pixar visited Hyper Island in April.
Photo: Gregory Solenström, Digital Media 2010 Stockholm

Please describe your impression on Hyper Island students in 3 words.
Self-motivated, problem-solvers, diverse.

What would you recommend Hyper Island's Motion Graphics Designer students to do to keep up to speed with the latest technology and trends?
You should read as much as you can - about everything in the latest technologies. Try to speak to people in your field (or similar fields) about how they're doing things and what they see as new trends. Push yourself to learn new things throughout your career, and if you ever feel like you're not learning or growing as fast as you'd like, do something to get yourself out of that rut!

What sources of inspiration do you recommend to those who want to work with motion?
Watch as many films as you can, read as many magazines or blogs about the areas you're interested in, and communicate with others in your industry.

What's your best advice to those who want to work with visual effects?
Getting your foot in the door in the visual effects industry can be difficult. Don't get discouraged - keep trying! Make an amazing reel and work hard until you get a break. Sometimes the easiest way to get your foot in the door is with an internship, or by working your way up by starting as a PA or a runner at an animation or VFX house, using your free time learning the tools and speaking to people who are doing the job you want to do!

Thank you Ziah!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hyper Island students on Clio Awards shortlist

Clio Awards 2009 shortlist is out, and there are two Hyper Island student projects on the student list.
Congratulations to Interactive Art Director 2009 students Dennis Rosenqvist and Christian Söderholm, who created both projects:

The BBC Tag Player
A widget for that lets people find and create tags in BBC's content.

For more information, visit:

DigiTic - Skara Sommarland
DigiTic is a digital ride pass that stores your runs and records. DigiTic let's you access all your records and photos via Skara Sommarlands website, your mobile phone or special terminals.

For more information, visit:

See more nominations at Dagens Media (in Swedish).

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hyper Island course in Manchester, launching in May 2009

Hyper Island now offers a leadership program to SMEs in the Digital and Creative Industries in the Northwest of England. The digital and media skills program is delivered by Northwest Vision and Media in partnership with Skillset with the support of the Northwest Regional Development Agency.

“We have been sending graduates to the UK for 14 years. Now it is time for us to start educate the British industry on their home ground as well. And the boiling centre of MediaCityUK in Manchester is a perfect place to conduct this course”, says Mattias Hansson, CEO, Hyper Island.

Hyper Island will bring it’s unique educational method to the table and will focus on developing ‘Accidental Leaders’ in team effectiveness and digital.

“We eventually went with Hyper Island because of their innovative and experiential approach to Leadership. We feel they will offer something very different and meaningful for leaders of companies in the Digital and Creative Industries in the Northwest. They are renowned worldwide for their training programs and Northwest Vision and Media is proud to have brought them to the region”, says Lynn Kelly, Head of skills, Northwest Vision and Media.

There will be two launch events in Manchester and Liverpool on the 13th and 14th of May.

The Hyper Island Team will work in close collaboration with a UK-based management development training company, Kirkbright, which won the contract to deliver the linked ‘Accidental Managers’ program. Kirkbright was founded by creative industries management expert Greg Orme, who also founded and ran the globally respected Centre for Creative Business between 2004 and 2008.

“We were obviously pleased to be part of this innovative training initiative. Our excitement at delivering this was only increased when we realised it would give us the opportunity to work closely with the digital experts at Hyper Island”, says Greg Orme, Managing Director, Kirkbright.

This is a truly unique opportunity and the funding from Northwest Vision and Media will make it affordable for SMEs in the Digital and Creative industries in the region. The funding is from the Digital and Media Skills Programme, a £2.8 million investment by the North West Development Agency, delivered by Northwest Vision and Media in partnership with Skillset.

For more information, please contact:
Maria Eriksson, Project Leader, Hyper Island

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hyper Island in Oslo this weekend

On April 25th, Hyper Island's Recruitment Tour will make a stop in Oslo.
So far, the Recruitment Tour has covered cities such as Los Angeles, Berlin, San Francisco, Kraków, Barcelona, New York, Amsterdam and London among others. Together with students, some of the Hyper Island staff will meet up with creative people that are interested in becoming Hyper Island Diploma Program students in the fall of 2009.

Apply now to meet us in Oslo!


Hyper Island staff members Roger Sjögren and Maria Eriksson will hold a workshop about The Hyper Island way at Gulltaggen in Olso on April 28th between 12.00-16.00.

Read more at Gulltaggen and book your ticket now!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Experience Technology 2008 Webzine

Last year, the Digital Media 2010 students in Stockholm and Karlskrona collaborated on a webzine documenting their Experience Technology module.
Check it out here!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

53 colors ranked #2

Digital Media 2010 Stockholm's class site has been ranked #2 on Design Charts TOP40 list this week.


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Friday, April 17, 2009

Interactive Art Director students check in from their internships

Interactive Art Director 2009 students are currently doing their internships all over the globe. A few of the students checked in with us to tell us how they're doing:

"I'm doing my internship at Fallon in Tokyo. If you don't mind cutting down on sleep, eating great food, sit in parks under cherry trees, getting stared at or being able to buy birthday cakes at 4 in the morning; then this is the place for you.

The Fallon office is located in a nice area of town called Omotesando. The people here have been very friendly and helpful. I get to work with big clients such as Heineken and Lancôme. I'm also trying to learn Japanese, but it's kind of hard.
All in all, I'm having a great time over here!

Arigatougozaimasu! (A very polite form of  'thank you')"

--Adrian Tomic, at Fallon Tokyo, Japan

"The first thing I noticed when I arrived at Great Works was the great big wall with drawings and messages on it. Everyone who visits or works at Great Works Barcelona leave their mark here, literally!

Another thing I noticed was the attitude here, everyone is really friendly and very relaxed, deadlines are met but without stress!"

--Lina Wahlgren, at Great Works Barcelona, Spain

"Droga5 is a great place filled with friendly people who do some amazing work. I think that Droga5 have redefined what advertising is and can be. Their work just blows me away, so of course I'm very excited to be a part of the team here. The most inspiring experience so far is to be surrounded by all these talented people and have the privilege to work with them. I hope to learn more about the strategy behind a succesful concept and hopefully I can also contribute with some of the experience I have gained from my time at Hyper Island.

Studying at Hyper Island has really helped me increase my knowledge and skills in digital media and without this experience I wouldn't be where I am today."

--Filip Kleremark, at Droga5, New York, USA

"It’s 23:13 in Amsterdam and I’m still at work. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still here because it’s fun, and also because we got a deadline tomorrow morning...
I like the place and the people who are very friendly, something I noticed the first day. Wieden + Kennedy have offices all over the world but I can only speak for Amsterdam, and this office is great.
Got to get back to work."

--Johan Schönfeldt, at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Arriving at Wieden + Kennedy in London, the first thing I noticed was that they had grown quite a bit since my last visit a couple of years ago. From around 50 employees to almost 160 – in the same office! That means that people are working in the kitchen, in the conference rooms, in the toilets (joking). Fortunately, Wieden + Kennedy is renovating a new building across the street to fill with people.

After almost four weeks, I can say for sure that the most inspiring experience so far has been the people that I have had the pleasure of working with. Everyone knows exactly what they are doing and why. With my former experience of sometimes having to work with less ambitious people, it’s a true relief that I don’t have to go on about stuff that needs to be fixed – it’s already been taken care of!

London has so far been a city seen from the tube, the office and our apartment, i.e. I haven’t had much of a chance exploring it yet. I have bought a bicycle though, so at least I now get to know the crazy left-hand traffic of the East end.

It’s only one week left to our pitch presentation so I better go get some sleep now. I’m beginning to feel a bit nervous but we (me and Hemant who is a copywriter from India) have some good stuff so I think it will be great. Welcome to optimisim, as we say at Wieden + Kennedy."

--Dennis Rosenqvist, at Wieden + Kennedy London, UK

Follow the class' internship experiences at their Internship Blog:

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We would like to congratulate two graduated Hyper Island students and one of our current Digital Media students on winning awards in the The Norwegian Design Council's 2009 Awards;

Ole Martin Kristiansen, Digital Media 2010 Karlskrona:
The Young Talent Award

Sandro Kvernmo, Crew 10 (Digital Media 2006):
Award for Design Excellence

Magnus Cederholm, Crew 8 (Digital Media 2004) & Lukas Szachanski, Crew 10 (Digital Media 2006):
Award for Design Excellence

Very well done!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pixar and Double Negative at Hyper Island

This week will be all about motion at Hyper Island. Ziah Fogel, Senior Technical Director at Double Negative, London and John Pottebaum, Technical Director at Pixar, Emeryville, US, are coming to Karlskrona as well as Stockholm to talk about the animated world as they see it.

Ziah Fogel and John Pottebaum.
Photo: Gregory Solenström, Digital Media 2010 Stockholm

“I'm coming to Hyper Island to try to educate and inspire the students to pursue a career in the film industry. I've been lucky to have a wealth of experience working on both computer animated films and visual effects for live-action films, and would like to help teach students how the industry works and how best to break into computer graphics if they're interested”, Ziah Fogel says, who’s returning to Hyper Island this year. She held a very well received lecture last year for the Hyper Island students. At that time, she worked for Pixar, but has now moved on to Double Negative in London.

"While many are familiar with Pixar's body of work and our finished product, I think there's a lot to share about how we put these things together. I'd like to talk about the technical challenges Up presented, as well as the different roles people play in putting one of these films together. By speaking at Hyper Island I hope to get more students interested in computer animation, and help those already interested learn a bit more about how to get started in the industry", John Pottebaum says.

One or our studentes, Therese Larsson says:
"I am very excited about Pixar and Double Negative coming, I anticipate a new boost of inspiration and creativity, as well as a new insight to communication. I believe we have a lot to learn from one of the greatest storytellers of today and I am very eager to listen to what they have to say. I believe I will be a little more inspired, a little more eager and just a little bit more creative after having attended this lecture."

Monday, April 13, 2009

You haven't missed Visual Crooks, have you?

"Visual Crook(s) [viso-al kr_oks] a person, or multiple persons in a crew, trying to make the world a prettier place with vicious plans of global domination", says the Digital Media 2010 Karlskrona class who released their site Visual Crooks, as well as a making of blog a few weeks ago. We previously blogged about the class' pre-release site

The students continue;
"Designers, programmers and project managers are divided into different areas of the prison. Every student have got their own cell and prison character, including psychos and mobsters. When scanning the prison the visitor gets an oversight of the locked up inmates, and can click on them to interact, read info and contact them. Watching the prisoners on distance is, however, scary. Do you dare taking a closer look?"

"(...) the 43-strong class put the site together in their spare time, overseeing every element of the project from concept and design to hunting down sponsors. Combining Flash, 3D work, video footage and 2D designs, the interactive site layout depicts a prison, housing students of different specialisms in separate wings that the visitor can explore, with each individual student having designed their own character and cell."
"(...) it's definitely worth checking out"

--Computer Arts, March 20th, 2009

Also seen at:
· CAP&Design (in Swedish)
· Reform & Revolution
· Direto de Forno
· irie
· kreativ1
· spyline
· Creative Tools

Visit Visual Crooks now!
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hyper Island students represent Sweden in Cannes

Earlier this week, three former Hyper Island students won gold in Young Lions 2009 (Young Creatives Sweden)!

Congratulations for winning gold in the Print category!
Christian Egnell, Art Director at Ottoboni and Johan Gustafsson, Art Director at Jung von Matt, both former Hyper Island students in Crew 9 (Digital Media 2005).

How come you ended up working together?
- Because we are cool. No, awesome.

What's your favorite part of the assignment?
- The creative freedom, it allows you to make ideas that might not be 100% on strategy but the joy of making them shine through. And the fact that it’s lion in the name of the award. I want to be a lion.

Why do you think you won print, when your education is based mainly in the digital industry?
- It’s mainly idea based competition. So as long there is strong idea behind the solution the media doesn’t matter.
Hyper Island also teaches the value of good idea.

See their winning submission here!

Read about the winners and the jury's motivation in Dagens Media! (in Swedish)

Congratulations also to Joakim Norman, graduated Interactive Art Director 2008 student, and Martin Ericson, both at Lowe Brindfors, for winning gold in the Web category!

Why did you decide to submit work to this year's Young Lions?
– I guess the same reason as everyone else, trying to prove my worth. Being a hypernaut amongst traditional ad students makes it even more important to prove that I can hold my own in creativity and idea.

What was your favorite part of the assignment?
– My favorite part of the whole weekend was when Martin made a crack at the dinner table at Den Gamle och Sjön, a snobbish seafood restaurant, and I threw my hands up and then down in the air of laughter, accidentally pressing the end of my fork and launching a large chunk of spaghetti and crawfish at myself. Kind of like a pasta catapult. I had a bright shirt.

What's your web idea about?
The name of the idea, Goggle Maps, really explains it all. When you donate your glasses, you get a code that you can enter into Goggle Maps, our Google maps mashup, and it shows you where your glasses went and who’s wearing them now. Then you can browse around for other peoples donations etc. It’s so simple it’s almost stupid.

How do you think your education at Hyper Island helped you in developing ideas?
I think I received a very different perspective from most creatives in Sweden, nearly everyone being ex-Berghs students. Which helps me in being original, but also forces me to continue to educate myself. The knowledge they teach at Berghs is equally important to the ones we recieve at Hyper Island. And I need both.

How thrilled are you?

See their winning submission here

Read about the winners and the jury's motivation in Dagens Media! (in Swedish)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Future creatives ready for the recession

At Hyper Island's Digital Media diploma program in Stockholm students learn to solve problems by facing them. During a four week period they have promoted themselves, a roller coaster which culminates with a slammin' party and release of the site When the program is completed the students will be ready to face both the economic crisis and a media industry in constant change.

In a world of economic disturbances and bankruptcies higher demands are put on the creatives and their capabilities. We asked Patrick Gardner, founder of Perfect Fools, if he believes insights in group dynamics and conflict management will be worth more in the wake of the financial crisis.

"In a world where change just keeps accelerating, we're not sure what specific tools we'll need 10 or even 5 years from now. What we do know is there will always be a place for smart, creative, motivated team players. People who have learned how to learn and can adapt to and drive a continually changing industry. Exactly the type of person you find at Hyper Island."

Hyper Island's programs focus on a breadth of knowledge within all parts of the project life cycle. Students get to try everything from project management to design in real world projects. Emphasis is put on understanding group dynamics and the students are continually trained in conflict management. These skills are put to the test during the module Marketing and Promotion, where the students promote their class to the industry, left completely to their own devices.

”We've had our ups and downs. We are 53 people, who need to agree about our roles and cooperate on all levels, which hasn't always worked perfectly, but throughout the journey we have developed our problem solving skills,” says Sanna Wickman, who has been one of the project managers during the course.

To express these skills, Hyper Island's Digital Media students in Stockholm have chosen to promote themselves through the project, creativity in diversity. The concept is a direct answer to the global crisis and at the same time a challenge to the industry to dare to bet more on love and warmth. According to the students they have the best bailout package: passion bursting with color.