Monday, April 13, 2009

You haven't missed Visual Crooks, have you?

"Visual Crook(s) [viso-al kr_oks] a person, or multiple persons in a crew, trying to make the world a prettier place with vicious plans of global domination", says the Digital Media 2010 Karlskrona class who released their site Visual Crooks, as well as a making of blog a few weeks ago. We previously blogged about the class' pre-release site

The students continue;
"Designers, programmers and project managers are divided into different areas of the prison. Every student have got their own cell and prison character, including psychos and mobsters. When scanning the prison the visitor gets an oversight of the locked up inmates, and can click on them to interact, read info and contact them. Watching the prisoners on distance is, however, scary. Do you dare taking a closer look?"

"(...) the 43-strong class put the site together in their spare time, overseeing every element of the project from concept and design to hunting down sponsors. Combining Flash, 3D work, video footage and 2D designs, the interactive site layout depicts a prison, housing students of different specialisms in separate wings that the visitor can explore, with each individual student having designed their own character and cell."
"(...) it's definitely worth checking out"

--Computer Arts, March 20th, 2009

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