Friday, March 13, 2009

Hyper Island's Recruitment Tour stop in Berlin

Hyper Island's Recruitment Tour made a stop in Berlin last week. Hyper Island staff member Christian Olsson tells us more:

What was the purpose of going to Berlin?
We went down to Berlin mainly to do the recruitment days and meet potential students as part of our recruitment tour. Also we met exciting agencies and people who are all interesting to be connected to Hyper Island in the future.

The recruitment day consist of several different acitivities to get a broad and as correct picture of each applicant as possible. Each year, we don't look for one type of person when we assess applicants. Instead we try to find a dynamic group of students with different backgrounds and skills. A recruitment day consist of a personal interview, an individual creative test, a group test and an English test. Also, you have the chance to meet previous students talk to Hyper Island co-workers to clarify questions.
We had the great opportunity to spend our recruitment day at Neue Digital's very nice offices in the centre of Berlin. Read more about Neue Digital here.

What's your impression of the digital industry in Berlin?
Berlin is one of the creative centers in Europe for art, music, design and other creative industries. As a natural part of the city, the digital industry has really happened. A lot of global agencies have a creative office in Berlin and there are many smaller design studios like and Less Rain. I think more Hyper Island students should go to Berlin for their internship or after graduating.

What can Hyper Island offer international students that they could not find in their home countries?
According to the industry, there are not a lot of schools that are similar to Hyper Island in the world. We get contacted daily from top agencies around the globe who want to employ our students. We believe that it's because a unique mix of the Hyper Island learning method, which is based on active participating, problem-based learning and learning-by-doing in combination with cutting edge technology used for implementing change together over 400 external industry lecturers each year. Since the start in 1996, Hyper Island has had an international perspective. A big part of the Hyper Island students get employed and do their internship abroad and a lot of the lectures are in English. To put it short, I believe it's the combination of the above.

We look forward to the upcoming Recruitment Tour stops in:
· Austin, Texas - 15th of March
· Helsinki - 21st of March
· Oslo - 25th of April
· Lisbon - 10th of May
Apply for the upcoming Recruitment Tour stops here!

Thanks Christian!

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