Monday, March 2, 2009

Hyper Island Master Class for Project Managers & Strategists

Grab the chance to attend a Hyper Island Master Class, by bidding on a spot in the upcoming Master Class for Project Managers & Strategists at Tradera (an Ebay-owned company).

- Do you want to know the advantages and possibilities with interactive media better?
- Do you yearn to have more know-how in how to manage and run an interactive media project on time and budget?
- Do you wish you had more experience in how interactive media should be used within ad campaigns and marketing?
- Do you want to be able to measure success properly when using interactive media as a tool?
- Want to become more up-to-date with the trends within interactive media?

Then the Hyper Island Master Class for Project Managers and Strategists is the solution you need - Bid now!

Master Class for Project Managers and Strategists suits well for:
- Business strategists
- Project Managers
- Production Managers
- Planners 
- Similar work positions

To find out more about Hyper Island's Master Class for Project Managers & Strategists - click here!

The course takes place in Karlskrona, starting May 6th, 2009.
Food and lodging is included in the price, but not your travels to and from Karlskrona.

Start bidding now!

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