Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hyper Island students reaching from cyber space to outer space!

Hyper Island graduates from Interactive Art Director 2009 make it possible for everyone to reach out to space! The education is world leading within the field of interactive communication and new media. Interactive Art Director ’09 consists of experienced creatives with a burning passion for concept thinking and innovative ideas. The students primarly strive to evolve efficient solutions in the communication and marketing of tomorrow.  At Hyper Island there is a tradition for every class to create a class site prior to graduation and now is the time for the Interactive Art Director ’09 to launch theirs!

- In an ever changing world, it’s a great tradition that our Hyper Island students in such a practical manner show off the creative heights of the education. The fact that every class creates their own site and throws a release party where they invite the whole creative industry is strengthening the connection between Hyper Island and prominent business representatives, Mattias Hansson, CEO Hyper Island, proudly explains.

This year’s class site serves as an interactive forum where anyone can submit a written message which is then published on the website. All messages will thereafter be gathered and sent out to space -  the real space. This is made possible through a collaboration with Esrange, Swedish Space Corporation and their rocket Rexus 5, which will launch out of Kiruna, Sweden in the turn of the month march/april filled with the public’s messages.

- This enables everyone to join in and affect the impression we leave in space, Dennis Rosenqvist, spokeperson for Interactive Art Director ’09 declares.
- In these days, it’s getting more and more difficult to reach out with your messages. There is an overload of advertising and communication in the world. This is why we are reaching for new heights to spread our messages, and we found our space in outer space! Dennis eagerly continues.

In connection to the site launch on february 5th Interactive Art Director ’09 are hosting a massive party to celebrate the start of the project and the launch of the home page.

Interactive Art Director 09 encourages everyone to visit the class site - - to interact with and keep up with the process. From february 5th the site is open for the public to submit their messages. This continues until the end of march when the rocket launches together with all gathered messages for space. The rocket launch will be documented by a camera team and the whole process can be followed at the website.

Space is the limit.

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