Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Digital Media students to paint graffiti in Berlin

A group of Digital Media 2010 Stockholm students (Maja Bergstrand, Johan Blomborg, Peter Jonasson, Viveca Forsblom, Nicolai Lydén, Nicklas Högberg, Fredrik Weinestad, Henning Sillerud, Erik Öhlen and Alicia Smith) are going to Berlin to paint graffiti on a 15 meter wide wall. Alicia Smith tells us more:

When entering the module Marketing & Promotion, we felt that this would be a good time to do something just for fun, with the benefits of marketing our class and the school. We wanted to create our own project where we set up our own limits and goals.

Berlin feels like the perfect place for this kind of project. Graffiti-painting is very appreciated there and the mentality of the people welcomes these kind of projects. Berlin was also the city where we were given the opportunity to use a wall. Thanks to connections and good people we're now going to Berlin to finalize the project.

What do we want to accomplish? We want to have fun, try something we never did before and engage people with other skills then ours. The goal is not only to get the motif on the wall, it's also about having a great trip, learning more about graffiti-panting and the culture, getting companies to sponsor and of course being seen. From the start, we knew we didn't have much time and there are still many things we hadn't decided on, and things we needed that we can't afford. But like any other project in school, we have a deadline when everything has to be done and good. So we just have to make it happen. Sounds very cliché but in this project it's very obvious. Besides, we all work better when under pressure.

The event will take place on Tempelhofer Ufer 36 on February 14th.

Join the group on Facebook and get updates of photos of the wall, before and after, as well as an upcoming film about the project.

Thank you, Alicia, we can't wait to see the result!

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