Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Postcards from Digital Media students in NYC #4

Why did you choose NYC for your internship placement?
Well, I never expected nor planned to go to the United States, ever. Not for any particular reason, more the lack of having any good reason to make the trip. This lasted untill last winter, when good reasons started dropping in my mailbox disguised as internship requests. After having had a couple of interviews with several agencies I felt that Your Majesty was the most warm welcoming of all and provided the best environment and oppertunities to deploy and develop my skillset. This where I headed to NYC to find out.

What are the best things about NYC so far?
The long aftersummer, the vivid scene regarding anyhting that has to do with old or new media, and the fact that everything that exists or happens on this planet, coexists in New York, in some form (and at some price).

What's the coolest thing about the company you're at?
Fairly everything. The projects I get to work on. The high responsebilities I get in these projects. The people I work with, and the perfectionism they persuade. And ofcourse, the comfortable chairs.

From a learning perspective, why would you recommend others to do their internships in NYC?
Internship in NYC is not a nessecity. One might end up in NYC but learn shit. However the problem with NYC is, this almost cannot occur, there are too many inspiring companies and people here. The least thing you will end up with is a lot of contacts and inspiration.

What are the differences work culture wise between NYC & Sweden/Europe?
New York never sleeps, therefore New York never stops working. For the rest its all I expected it to be. Your Majesty has strong roots in Sweden and Hyper Island, that makes the work culture fairly the same. Lots of stuff in small timeframes. One strong thing I can find in comparison to the work culture in The Netherlands is that there far less "how-far-out-of-the-box-can-your-idea-be" mindset in NYC, making most of the projects actually realistic, realisable in the full stretch, something Dutch people have a hard time doing.

Have you overcome any struggles since your arrival?
The paperwork reduction act. I can't really imagine that there possibly could have been more paperwork to fill in.

What have you found in NYC that you know you won't be able to live without when you have to leave?
Hard one. They can keep all their greasy stuff, and the things that wake you up at night like radiators and gunshots. But I really enjoy all the cheap restaurants, Bleecker Street and the 24/7 availability of beer, food and transportation.

-Kasper Kuijpers, Digital Media 2009 Karlskrona

I chose to do my internship placement in NYC because of Your Majesty but also because I like world capitals like NYC, London and Tokyo. The best thing about being here is the internship - the variety of things I get to do as an intern and the amount of trust they put in me doing it.
NYC has such a massive amount studios and agencies so the synergy of the scene is great here. A lot of shows, talks, exhibitions etc comes out of the big mix here. Direct access to everything just minutes away. Everything made around the world, whether it's music, art, clothes or movies. It all ends up here in a concentrated ball of everything.

Your Majesty ping ping competition video edited by Erik:

-Erik Jonsson, Digital Media 2009 Karlskrona


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