Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Postcards from Digital Media students in NYC #3

I never made a decision about which city I wanted to be in, I was more focused in the agencies and their work. I applied for several agencies all over and when i found the right agency it just happend to be located here in NYC. I can't be more sure that i made the right decision to join the Firstborn team. I've learned more in 4 months than i did during the first year at Hyper Island!
The best thing about my internship is that I am surrounded with talented people that can teach me something new every day. They give me inspiration to work harder and keep the pace up. But there are always ups and downs. Even in NYC! And in that case, you can always check out the amazing frozen yoghurt place at 7th avenue, and you'll be right back on top again!

-Susanna Averpil, Digital Media 2009 Karlskrona

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Anonymous said...

jag ska också söka en utomlandspraktik genom min utbildning! det är vad jag verkligen vill!

Det ser jätteskoj och lärorikt ut och ja, jag vill jobba i mediabranchen. Jag har bestämt mig för det och det är vad jag vill. Jag tror det skulle vara väldigt bra för mig att lämna Sverige.