Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recruitment Tour: Barcelona

I have been a part of Hyper Island for two and a half years now. Two years as a student of the Digital Media Program and half a year as a co-worker with the title Project Manager. The fuel that keeps Hyper Island running is based on passion, ambition, lots of magic and lots of trust. That’s why I, as a former student and co-worker for less then 6 months, could be trusted with the assignment going on a Recruitment Tour. The assignment to represent Hyper Island and evaluate and recruit potential students and provide our current students with the chance to evaluate their internship so far.

When Chiefs Executives, Projects Managers, Creative Directors, Designers and Developers asked me "How can our agency get closer to your students", I feel so inspired and happy.
For some reason, our students are able to become a part of agencies almost instantly after arriving. They generally understand the culture of the agencies and their new co-workers pretty instantly. They understand what the assignments require of them and they take it very seriously. Many agencies find the students trustworthy with deliveries to real clients. And there are also a lot of trust being built on the knowledge that the students are taking responsibility for asking for help or clarification of assignments when necessary.

I started to really think about what my co-workers and I do… seriously!
My conclusion of the secret of Hyper Island is this…

Trust really makes people grow, inclusion is necessary in order to create passion and commitment, clear communication of needs and expectations provide safety, understanding and respect. Bravery is what you need to speak about your fears, and you need to feel worthy to be able to claim your right to fulfil your needs.

But what we really do, our secret, is that we work with our students and guide them, challenge them, so that they become brave and realize that they are just as worthy.

All my love to Hyper Island for inspiring people to be cutting edge within digital and interactive media.

-Sofia ArvegÄrd, Project Manager, Hyper Island Stockholm

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Bra sagt Sofia!