Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Postcards from Digital Media students in NYC #2

We arrived to New York full of grace, but at first we didn't understand this place.
Walking out the door we first felt insecure.
Taking the MTA we couldn't find our way.
A visit we got from a New York City cop, rules we learned and knowledge we earned.

As days passed by we felt more alive.
We learned how to find, all across town.

People are funny, they sing in the subway but not for money.
One week has passed, we started to work at last.
It's a thrill, we managed to survive because of night quill.

Our plan is to stay as long as we may.
Now we aim for the stars as we rock, because we are hypers from the block.

Don't miss us to much, we promise to keep in touch.

- Daniel Piquer, Félix Hill, Petter Säfwenberg & Madonna Arsan, Digital Media 2009 Stockholm

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