Monday, December 1, 2008

Interactive Art Director student among competition winners

We're very happy to congratulate Thea Hamrén, Interactive Art Director 2009 student, for winning second place in the previously blogged about Max Ernst competition, initiated by Moderna Museet.

Said the jury:
"[Thea's work] shows genuine understanding of Ernst's world of images. In fact, it seems like it could be part of one of his works. Aesthetically appealing, artistically sensitive and fun. It would be wonderful to have this font on our computers!"

In Thea's own words, her submission "was inspired by the works of Max Ernst and the world of surrealism I created my 'Ernst Headline' font to play with the borders between illustration, art and typography.
I worked with pencils rubbing over different surfaces to create textures, and collage."

Congratulations Thea!


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Chris Grayson - Art Director said...

I went to see a Max Ernst Retrospective at the Metropolitan a few years ago. It was great seeing so many pieces in person that I had only seen in books:

Metropolitan Museum, New York
Max Ernst: A Retrospective

Never thought of a Max Ernst font. Nice work.