Friday, December 5, 2008

Digital pioneer visits Hyper Island

Digital pioneer Daniele Fiandaca, CEO, Profero, London, presents some words of interactive communication wisdom, exclusively to Hyper Island-students this week. Photo: Johan Dahlfors

During this week’s Eurobest festival in Stockholm, we invited Daniele Fiandaca to hold an exclusive lecture at Hyper Island, Telefonplan, Stockholm.
Daniele is a well-known central figure in the explosion of digital communication coming out of London for the last ten years. Daniele is not only the European CEO of hugely successful digital agency Profero, but also the founder and leader of the network Creative Social, a collection of the finest and most highly ranked creative directors in the digital world. Read more here.

Among many other things Daniele answered his own question "Has digital agencies failed?", giving Hyper Island students a new perspective on what is next to come in digital communication.
For all of those who want to get closer to the highly regarded Creative Social network of top digital talent, please apply to the Hyper Island Creative Social Academy. The next phase of the course starts soon.

In association with the Hyper Island workshop held at this week’s Eurobest festival, watch an interview with Hyper Island CEO Mattias Hansson here.

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