Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Postcards from Digital Media students in NYC #2

We arrived to New York full of grace, but at first we didn't understand this place.
Walking out the door we first felt insecure.
Taking the MTA we couldn't find our way.
A visit we got from a New York City cop, rules we learned and knowledge we earned.

As days passed by we felt more alive.
We learned how to find, all across town.

People are funny, they sing in the subway but not for money.
One week has passed, we started to work at last.
It's a thrill, we managed to survive because of night quill.

Our plan is to stay as long as we may.
Now we aim for the stars as we rock, because we are hypers from the block.

Don't miss us to much, we promise to keep in touch.

- Daniel Piquer, Félix Hill, Petter Säfwenberg & Madonna Arsan, Digital Media 2009 Stockholm

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Interactive Art Director students win competition!

Hyper Island Interactive Art Director 2008 students Namroud Gorguis and Nadia El-Imam won Xtraworks' competition for Swedish Rescue Services Agency website Skyddsnätet.se.

During 3 short weeks in October/November, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency website Skyddsnätet.se advertised a competition through Xtraworks, where the request was for ideas on how to create an interactive and educational website for Skyddsnätet.se aimed at the hard-to-get target group young people and children, ages 4-18.

Eight great proposals were received, but only one of them instantly stood out as the clear winner.

“The choice of Namroud Gorguis and Nadia El-Imam's proposal was immediate, as it contained all the ingredients we were looking for alongside with some unexpected and great new ideas. In their proposal we saw an unusual graphic solution, a beautiful and very creative, comprehensive and easily adaptable design which attracts kids and youngsters, as well as the older part of our audience - something we did not at all expect. They came up with very creative ideas on how to adapt and divide the site in proactive and reactive, a website strategy that we’re missing today. The focus on attractive, interactive parts, mobile content and the educational way to structure the features impressed us in a big way,” says Victoria Egler, head of marketing at Skyddsnätet.se.

Namroud Gorguis and Nadia El-Imam both graduated from Hyper Islands Interactive Art Director program in June of this year and are now working as conceptual Interactive Art Directors. Sometimes on their own, sometimes side by side. Namroud Gorguis explains:
“Me and Nadia as a team, play very well together. This is not the first assignment we do together, and it won’t be the last. We both live and work in Stockholm and previous to Hyper Island we both have a few years in the business, but our experience at Hyper Island made us what we are today.”

The brief from Skyddsnätet.se was short and clear; they wanted to accomplish a comprehensive change to the existing website material in order to better communicate with the specified target group, with focus on interaction, design, search ways and mobile content.

“Our need for an effective way to communicate with the target group is acute, and because of this we chose to skip the traditional advertising pitch in order to save time and to get input from more liberal minds, and that’s why we chose Xtraworks as our partner in this mission. We are very happy with the outcome and believe that we got more out of working with Xtraworks creative minds than we would have gotten from the traditional agency during such a short time span,” Victoria Egler adds.
She continues, “In Namroud and Nadias proposal we identified a new graphical way of adapting a website design, a close to revolutionary and very compelling strategy which I believe would be very hard to match even for the most established agencies that we normally work with.”

We congratulate Namroud and Nadia on a fantastic job!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Postcards from Digital Media students in NYC #1

Hej from NYC.
After spending 3 months in New York I have the strange feeling of belonging here. Maybe I'm just too adjustable?
Manhattan is an enormous, fantastic, exhausting and for many, a lonely place. But I find it comforting and relaxing to know there are 1,620,687 (approximately) people living together on a small island.

I spend my days at TODA, The Office of Design and Architecture, I think one of the best places I could have ended up at my internship.
As a former fine arts student and lately digital media student, these incredible(and patient) designers are teaching me the art of graphic design from scratch. Never shaking their heads when it comes to my limited skills in kerning.

Everyday activities in the city includes: walking a lot, the occasionally after work beer, studying design, reading books at my rooftop, learning to play an instrument, wasting Sundays in coffee shops, freezing, sweating, eating with friends, (never cooking), walking in the park (norwegians need their Sunday walk...), mailing with Hyper Islanders in San Francisco, knitting, spending 3 hours in book shops, eggs and bloody mary brunches in Brooklyn, going to museums, eating enormous amounts of popcorn at the cinema, making new friends, going to concerts, and at the end of the day climb up the 7 stairs to my overpriced 2 square meter room in the East Village for a good nights sleep.

To be honest, I'm not homesick at all.

-Aina Cecilie Ørebech, Digital Media 2009 Karlskrona

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hyper Island students part of Smashing Magazine list

Digital Media 2009 Stockholm student Daniel Stenberg's portfolio was noted out as one of "50 Beautiful And Creative Portfolio Designs" by Smashing Magazine.
Says the Magazine:
"Daniel Stenberg frames each of his works beautifully and allows users to navigate through them horizontally. The result is a clean and simple but effective portfolio design."

Congratulations also to Amber Sellers, Hyper Island Crew 10 graduate, whose portfolio EveningLab was part of the list as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recruitment Tour: Barcelona

I have been a part of Hyper Island for two and a half years now. Two years as a student of the Digital Media Program and half a year as a co-worker with the title Project Manager. The fuel that keeps Hyper Island running is based on passion, ambition, lots of magic and lots of trust. That’s why I, as a former student and co-worker for less then 6 months, could be trusted with the assignment going on a Recruitment Tour. The assignment to represent Hyper Island and evaluate and recruit potential students and provide our current students with the chance to evaluate their internship so far.

When Chiefs Executives, Projects Managers, Creative Directors, Designers and Developers asked me "How can our agency get closer to your students", I feel so inspired and happy.
For some reason, our students are able to become a part of agencies almost instantly after arriving. They generally understand the culture of the agencies and their new co-workers pretty instantly. They understand what the assignments require of them and they take it very seriously. Many agencies find the students trustworthy with deliveries to real clients. And there are also a lot of trust being built on the knowledge that the students are taking responsibility for asking for help or clarification of assignments when necessary.

I started to really think about what my co-workers and I do… seriously!
My conclusion of the secret of Hyper Island is this…

Trust really makes people grow, inclusion is necessary in order to create passion and commitment, clear communication of needs and expectations provide safety, understanding and respect. Bravery is what you need to speak about your fears, and you need to feel worthy to be able to claim your right to fulfil your needs.

But what we really do, our secret, is that we work with our students and guide them, challenge them, so that they become brave and realize that they are just as worthy.

All my love to Hyper Island for inspiring people to be cutting edge within digital and interactive media.

-Sofia Arvegård, Project Manager, Hyper Island Stockholm

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hyper Island visits Saco fair

Hyper Island visited Saco's fairs in Stockholm and Malmö earlier this fall. Hyper Island staff and students answered a lot of questions about Hyper Island, for example:
Do you earn a lot of money after graduating at Hyper Island?
As always, this differs from person to person, but generally Hyper Island students go into an industry that is well paid. Not only in money but also in experiences and knowledge. Many of our students go abroad, which gives them an understanding of other cultures, which can't be measured in any currency.

So you're saying you have no books, no class rooms, no teachers, no grades...? What DO you have?
We have real projects, real clients, and a big group of students who are eager to learn, from each other and from the industry professionals who come to Hyper Island to lecture and hold work shops.

Are you a hair dressing school?
Nope. I think we need to think of some new signs for our fair booth...

I would like to go to Hyper Island but I'm not a designer and I don't know how to create a web site.
Hyper Island is not a design school per say, we're a digital media school that offers full time students three different programs:
- Digital Media, where you come to acquire a broad understanding of the roles in the digital media industry, and you choose one field to specialize within: management, design or technology. This 2-year program includes a 90 week internship placement period.
- Interactive Art Director, is a perfect 1-year program for you if you have a minimum of two years of design work or education experience and want to take your knowledge to the next level. The program focuses on various aspects of design (for example interaction design, interface design and branding) and leadership within creative teams. This program includes a 13-week internship placement period.
- Digital Business Management's main focus is to educate students to meet the upcoming needs for modern and visionary management in companies, organisations and projects. The content of every management role is to truly understand the systems of business and the systems of productive teams, and this 1-year program helps students become wizards in business and group dynamics. Digital Business Management also includes a 13-week internship placement period.
As long as you're eager and curious you will learn what you need to work successfully in the digital industry!

I'm not very good in English, are all your programs in English?
Yes, all our programs are in English starting fall 2009. We're now giving English speaking students with all nationalities the chance to study at Hyper Island too. Don't worry, your English will be just fine. Most Swedes are better at English than they think. If you're rusty, then grab the opportunity to learn from your classmates!

We ended up having talked to around 800 potential students - we're hoping to see them at Hyper Island next year!


For the second year in a row held, we a competition to win an iPod among our fair booth visitors. We congratulate the lucky winners, Patricia and Fredrik!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Congratulations to this year's best Swedish web companies

- according to Swedish advertising magazine Resumé:

1. Deasign (1)
2. Daddy group (2)
3. Doberman (3)
4. Söderhavet (new)
5. Ottoboni Group (new)
6. Creuna (5)

(Last year's placements in parenthesis)

We're proud to say that Hyper Island graduates currently work at all of these companies - except at Söderhavet, whom we are currently collaborating with for our upcoming Master Class She Creatives.

Congratulations to all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hyper Island students' soccer teams


Hyper Island's 2010 students have been playing soccer on Sundays from 7.30-9.00PM throughout the fall. You can follow the team on Facebook.
As the winter approaches the days are getting shorter and colder, the soccer practices have been saved by moving into a rented indoor field at Chapmanskolan in Karlskrona.

The team members, who call themselves 'FC Hyper Island'. Those interested in joining the team or show fan appreciation can get in touch with Linus Larsson or Åsmund Naes , both Digital Media 2010 Karlskrona students.

All above photos by Tove Svensson, Digital Media 2010 Karlskrona.


Peter Jonasson of Digital Media 2010 Stockholm tells us about the class' team:
'Stockholm HISCORES' is Digital Media 2010 Stockholm's cream of the crop (or who ever want's to play). We played Digital Media 2009 Stockholm twice. We tied the first game, but lost the second (it was a real exciting game). Now those bastards are on internships so we aren't able to face them again. When it comes to keep in shape, soccer is a great way to do that. Chasing a round thing all around a field trying to get it inside a reqtangle with a net. Allthough we never practice we give everything every game. Most of us hang out in the gym instead, to prevent sore backs and to be able to look like real dudes when we hit the beach in 2013, or 2019.

When the new class of '11 start here next year we are going to play better than ever. If the Karlskrona bunch are going to Stockholm sometime soon we will also show them who is the kings and queens of the fabulous game of soccer And anyone else for that matter. We are always on stand-by to play anyone who dares to face The HISCORES. C'mon!

We have a feeling a Digital Media 2010 vs. Digital Media 2010 match will be coming up!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hyper Island featured in article and newsletters

On December 5th 2008, Hyper Island was featured in a press release article on Market Watch, part of The Wall Street Journal's digital network.
Read the article here!

News about Hyper Island's Recruitment Tour's stop in NYC has also been seen in the Consulate General of Sweden's newsletter e-mail "Fresh from Sweden":
"Swedish Digital Media School Hyper Island Comes to New York On Global Student Recruitment Tour

December 19-21
The world-renowned Swedish digital media school Hyper Island has launched a global recruitment tour to meet potential new students from around the world. Together with students, Hyper Island staff will tour world cities to meet up with creative people that are interested in becoming Hyper Island students for the fall 2009. The tour reaches New York on December 19-21, 2008.

Hyper Island runs long term programs for Digital Media, Interactive Art Director and Business Management, with more than over 260 full-time students per year. The methodology is all about real cases, by real people. Hyper Island's extraordinary mixture of lecturers from around the world, together with the opportunity to acquire an international
internship placement, prepares students for work around the
globe. Most importantly, graduates learn how to learn; they leave Hyper Island with knowledge on how to continue to evolve, which is a tool they will use throughout their careers."

On the Consulate's site, you can also read about Hyper Island's participation in a seminar on cutting-edge creative earlier this fall. Read more!

Hyper Island has also been seen in the newsletter of Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK regarding our upcoming UGL Leadership Seminar taking place in London on the 16th of February 2009.

"A seminar together with Hyper Island on UGL. UGL originates from the Swedish armed forces with the purpose of supporting companies and organisations in the creating, managing and increasing of well-being, quality and profitability.
Time: 18.00 - 20.00
Venue: To be confirmed
Price: There is no charge for this event
Read more: www.scc.org.uk
For further information and to sign up, please email:

Read more about UGL!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Digital pioneer visits Hyper Island

Digital pioneer Daniele Fiandaca, CEO, Profero, London, presents some words of interactive communication wisdom, exclusively to Hyper Island-students this week. Photo: Johan Dahlfors

During this week’s Eurobest festival in Stockholm, we invited Daniele Fiandaca to hold an exclusive lecture at Hyper Island, Telefonplan, Stockholm.
Daniele is a well-known central figure in the explosion of digital communication coming out of London for the last ten years. Daniele is not only the European CEO of hugely successful digital agency Profero, but also the founder and leader of the network Creative Social, a collection of the finest and most highly ranked creative directors in the digital world. Read more here.

Among many other things Daniele answered his own question "Has digital agencies failed?", giving Hyper Island students a new perspective on what is next to come in digital communication.
For all of those who want to get closer to the highly regarded Creative Social network of top digital talent, please apply to the Hyper Island Creative Social Academy. The next phase of the course starts soon.

In association with the Hyper Island workshop held at this week’s Eurobest festival, watch an interview with Hyper Island CEO Mattias Hansson here.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Business Management students' project for curing children's cancer

Business Management 2009 students Peter Hagander, Frida Öhrman, Rasmus Bjurström and Michaela Modig are currently finalizing a Final Project created for Barncancergalan (Childrens' cancer gala), taking place at Nalen in Stockholm on December 22nd.

The group has created a marketing campaign named "Perspective - 29 days", which combines digital and physical marketing with the aim to bring attention to the importance for all children to be able to be happy and playful - including those with cancer.

"Can you imagine going through childhood without hair?"

The campaign includes guerilla marketing; golden ribbons with messages, like the one above, have been placed all over Stockholm, web marketing such as users being able to connect to the campaign on Facebook (in Swedish), radio spots as well as commercial film which will air on Swedish TV8 during the weeks of December 8th and 15th.
The commercial film is made by Therese Larsson and Markus Gustafsson, both Digital Media 2010 Karlskrona students.

This week, the group can be found on Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. Visitors can find out more about the purpose of the gala, as well as donate money directly to Barncancerfonden's (Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation) research to cure children's cancer.

The group's work has already attracted attention, an interview can be heard 8.30 minutes into a P4 Blekinge broadcast here (in Swedish).

"It feels as though we, together with all the other contributors and distributors, have gotten a chance to really make a difference through this project", Project Manager Peter says.

Inspiration for us all!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Interactive Art Director student among competition winners

We're very happy to congratulate Thea Hamrén, Interactive Art Director 2009 student, for winning second place in the previously blogged about Max Ernst competition, initiated by Moderna Museet.

Said the jury:
"[Thea's work] shows genuine understanding of Ernst's world of images. In fact, it seems like it could be part of one of his works. Aesthetically appealing, artistically sensitive and fun. It would be wonderful to have this font on our computers!"

In Thea's own words, her submission "was inspired by the works of Max Ernst and the world of surrealism I created my 'Ernst Headline' font to play with the borders between illustration, art and typography.
I worked with pencils rubbing over different surfaces to create textures, and collage."

Congratulations Thea!