Monday, November 17, 2008

What do I do?

Hyper Island Stockholm co-worker Maria tells us about what she works on right now:

God, if only I knew!
Let me start by introducing myself:
My name is Maria, I'm 23 (turning 24 April 18! Don't forget to congratulate me!), and since the 28th of April I'm in love. His (or her!?) name is Hyper island, and we might get married one day.
So, I spend most of my time with Hyper Island: I might be with Hyper island on a student fair in Oslo (in January - come and see us!) or I'm talking to some Spanish, Australian or Brazilian (or skåning or German) guy or girl who wants to attend a Hyper Island Master Class.
It could also be that I'm chasing photos from former Hyper Island Master Class students, such as the guys from Hyper Island Creative Social Academy, or maybe I am busy organising a Hyper Island Session.

I share my love with some friends, but no need to worry - there's no jealousy involved.
We miss two ladies in the crew though - Regina & Malin, there are two empty seats but me and Hyper Island look forward to seeing them again soon! Thank you for everything!

At the moment I do a lot of thinking about how the Hyper Island Master Class for Creatives in Karlskrona is (it's happening as we speak!), how the participants are finding the course and if they like the food and if they get enough coffee and if they get enough sleep and if.... well, I suppose you get the point?
I'm sure it will be fine though, up until now all of our Master Class participants have been really happy about the course, and quite a few people from the industry likes us too.

This love has developed to be a new course: Hyper Island Master Class for She Creatives, We're so excited about this and can't wait until the 4th of February when the course starts.

That's it for now, do you want to know more about what I do? Or about Hyper Island? Or about the weather in Sweden?
E-mail me!

Thank you Maria!

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