Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Interactive Art Director students in commercial film competition

World Childhood Foundation, lead by Queen Silvia of Sweden, collaborates with charity organizations all over the world. The foundation aims to support those organizations that work directly with children who are often forgotten; street children, children at institutions, and sexually abused mothers and children.

With the aim to educate people about Childhood's work, Swedish supermarket chain Ica and World Childhood Foundation initiated a competition to give six filmmakers the opportunity to create a commercial film about the Foundation. Out of 47 submissions, Ica and Childhood selected six ideas - we're proud to announce that two of the commercial film ideas chosen were created by a some of our 2009 Interactive Art Director students.

Click here to view all six selected commercials - the Hyper Island students' submissions are:
Film #5 - "Lekfullt" - Ola Lissbrant and Filip Kleremark
Film #6 - "Flickan" - Alicia Rissler, Kalle Engström and Fredrik Lund-Hansen - together with photographer Ellen Kugelberg.

The slogan "Barn ska få vara barn" can be translated roughly to "Children should be able to be children" - all children have a right to their childhood.

The winners are determined by popular vote - the first place winning commercial will be shown on television.
You can vote for your favorite commercial until December 12, here!

Best of luck to Filip Kleremark, Ola Lissbrant, Kalle Engström, Alicia Rissler and Fredrik Lund-Hansen!

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