Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Interactive Art Director students enter Moderna Museet competition

Max Ernst (1891–1976) was a German painter and one of the 1900's most important and influential artists. He was a visionary who nowadays is considered one of Dadaism and Surrealism's main representatives.

Moderna Museet in Stockholm is currently presenting an exhibition of Ernst's work. In connection with the show, the museum initiated a competition with a brief to create a typeface and a Max Ernst headline inspired by the artist's work. The typeface could be created in any format, such as vector, watercolor, 3d, or sculpture.

Hyper Island Interactive Art Director students Pål Linder and Anna Jensen entered the competition with a submission that was inspired by the art form readymade.
"We wanted to create a font based on symbols that reflect Max Ernst's life", the two explain.

View Pål and Anna's submission here. (Text in Swedish)

Symbol descriptions:
M · Eau de Cologne - Max was born outside Cologne
A · Train - As a child Max dreamed to become a lineman
X · Weapons - Max participated in the First World War
E · Hat - The Hat Makes the Man - a painting by Max Ernst
R · Birds - Birds were meaningful motives in Max Ernst's work
N · 8 & S · 5 - Max Ernst passed away at the age of 85
T · Apple - Max Ernst sought new knowledge throughout his life

All competition submissions can be viewed here.

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