Friday, November 7, 2008

Best wishes to Digital Media 2009

Thursday evening, November 6th, we celebrated our Digital Media 2009 Stockholm students who will start their internships next week.
Our Stockholm students will be joining Digital Media Karlskrona students who are currently at companies all over the world, doing their internships since August this year.

With placements in London, Stockholm, New York City, Los Angeles, Boulder, Göteborg, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney and Skellefteå, we wish our students the best of luck! We look forward to hearing of your future learning experiences.

You, too, can follow the students at their DM09 Stockholm blog.


MADONNA said...

Thanks for a fantastic year Hyper!

The Observer said...

Good luck :P

Niklas Anderson said...

thanks for a great dinner from Hyper Island too!
greetings from barcelona!