Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Interactive Art Director students in commercial film competition

World Childhood Foundation, lead by Queen Silvia of Sweden, collaborates with charity organizations all over the world. The foundation aims to support those organizations that work directly with children who are often forgotten; street children, children at institutions, and sexually abused mothers and children.

With the aim to educate people about Childhood's work, Swedish supermarket chain Ica and World Childhood Foundation initiated a competition to give six filmmakers the opportunity to create a commercial film about the Foundation. Out of 47 submissions, Ica and Childhood selected six ideas - we're proud to announce that two of the commercial film ideas chosen were created by a some of our 2009 Interactive Art Director students.

Click here to view all six selected commercials - the Hyper Island students' submissions are:
Film #5 - "Lekfullt" - Ola Lissbrant and Filip Kleremark
Film #6 - "Flickan" - Alicia Rissler, Kalle Engström and Fredrik Lund-Hansen - together with photographer Ellen Kugelberg.

The slogan "Barn ska få vara barn" can be translated roughly to "Children should be able to be children" - all children have a right to their childhood.

The winners are determined by popular vote - the first place winning commercial will be shown on television.
You can vote for your favorite commercial until December 12, here!

Best of luck to Filip Kleremark, Ola Lissbrant, Kalle Engström, Alicia Rissler and Fredrik Lund-Hansen!

Monday, November 24, 2008

AKQA London's Nick Turner lecture at Hyper Island

In October 2008, Group Creative Director Nick Turner from AKQA London came to Hyper Island Stockholm and held a lectured for our Interactive Art Director students. We wanted to catch up with Nick and ask him about what's going on in the industry:

What’s AKQA all about?
AKQA is a recognised pioneer and innovator, that provides ideas, insights, marketing, technology and e-commerce solutions to the world's leading brands. We are an independent agency with offices in London, Amsterdam, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Shanghai. You can see some examples of our work here:

What skills does AKQA see a need for in the industry right now?
The industry needs more people who can create world-class ideas that fuse great communication, innovative technology and incredible execution. We are always looking for world-class talent across every creative discipline – people who understand the role of digital and can create award-winning solutions that make AKQA’s clients more successful.

What qualities does AKQA appreciate in a team member?
Talent, honesty and dedication, with an extraordinary ambition to be successful.

Why did you want to come and speak at Hyper Island?
AKQA is looking for the next generation of global creative directors, and believes the way Hyper Island educates its students creates the type of person we see filling this role in the future. We want to inspire as many graduates as possible to aspire to work at AKQA.

Your lecture included an elaborate Q&A session, why?
We wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to ask a question. I always find the most interesting part of any talk is the Q&A session, because the questions (and hopefully the answers) are more relevant to the audience.

Tell us more about how in the industry and with clients, it's all about discussions between people to reach an agreement?
AKQA tries to take its clients’ businesses to places they never thought possible. Innovative work comes from great relationships with clients. Many of the projects AKQA works on are complex and involve lots of different people with many different skills. It’s critical everyone understands each element of what is being created, especially when you’re trying to do something that has never been done before.

Did you discover something about how Hyper Island educates that you found unique?
I was amazed at the enthusiasm and self-motivation shown by the students. They were there because they wanted to be and not just because it was something to do. They are well organised and very professional; it felt like an actual company.

Any words of advice for our students who are going out to do their internships?
Work hard and behave as if you already work there. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Learn something every day. Always ask for feedback on how to improve. Make yourself indispensable. Buy the Creative Director lots of expensive gifts.

Thank you, Nick!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Golden Stiletto Awards

Hyper Island collaborates with U.K. based She Says in creating She Creatives, a Master Class course aimed specifically at female industry professionals already working as creatives.

She Says has just launched The Golden Stiletto Award which celebrates female creativity. Says She Says:
"Our objective is to celebrate great work and inspire more females to kick up their heels and join the digital advertising industry!"
An all female judging panel made up of distinguished creatives in the advertising industry will decide who will win the golden stiletto shoe - the first ever wearable award!

Creative work have been submitted during the last few weeks - the winners will be announces on November 19th 2008, at the Getty Gallery in Soho, London.
As part of the price, a place on the prestigious She Creatives Master Class in February 2009 will be offered to the winner.

Find out more about the Awards at She Says' website.
Connect with She Says at She Says' Facebook page.

What do I do?

Hyper Island Stockholm co-worker Maria tells us about what she works on right now:

God, if only I knew!
Let me start by introducing myself:
My name is Maria, I'm 23 (turning 24 April 18! Don't forget to congratulate me!), and since the 28th of April I'm in love. His (or her!?) name is Hyper island, and we might get married one day.
So, I spend most of my time with Hyper Island: I might be with Hyper island on a student fair in Oslo (in January - come and see us!) or I'm talking to some Spanish, Australian or Brazilian (or skåning or German) guy or girl who wants to attend a Hyper Island Master Class.
It could also be that I'm chasing photos from former Hyper Island Master Class students, such as the guys from Hyper Island Creative Social Academy, or maybe I am busy organising a Hyper Island Session.

I share my love with some friends, but no need to worry - there's no jealousy involved.
We miss two ladies in the crew though - Regina & Malin, there are two empty seats but me and Hyper Island look forward to seeing them again soon! Thank you for everything!

At the moment I do a lot of thinking about how the Hyper Island Master Class for Creatives in Karlskrona is (it's happening as we speak!), how the participants are finding the course and if they like the food and if they get enough coffee and if they get enough sleep and if.... well, I suppose you get the point?
I'm sure it will be fine though, up until now all of our Master Class participants have been really happy about the course, and quite a few people from the industry likes us too.

This love has developed to be a new course: Hyper Island Master Class for She Creatives, We're so excited about this and can't wait until the 4th of February when the course starts.

That's it for now, do you want to know more about what I do? Or about Hyper Island? Or about the weather in Sweden?
E-mail me!

Thank you Maria!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello Hiba from Young Leaders Visitors Program

Svenska institutet and Hyper Island's collaboration Young Leaders Visitors Program which focuses on social media as a tool for positive change, is currently taking place at Hyper Island Stockholm.
The program aims to lay the foundations for a long-lasting and mutually rewarding relationship between Sweden, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine by strengthening and connecting influential voices in both regions. We were curious to find out more from one of the course attendees.

Hello Hiba, where are you from?
I am Lebanese but I was born in Ghana, Africa where my parents currently live. I have moved around a lot for both education and work. So I believe that I am a citizen of the world.

What do you do in your home country?
I am a double agent: During the day, I work as a creative director for DDB (based between Dubai and Kuwait). I work in mainstream with both the private and government sector and on CSR programs as part of the pro-bono work we do. While during the night, I strive to become a freer artist by becoming a better human. I am constantly looking for new challenges and new mediums for much needed change.

What is the course you're attending about?
The course is Young Leaders Visitors Program, the Swedish Institute initiative that will provide us with all the tools and processes to shape public opinion using social networking.

Is the course meeting your expectations?
The whole program has been well organized in which diverse areas of leadership and team building, social networking techniques and shared experiences and knowledge are covered. Although it is too early in the program to make a clear conclusion, but it has certainly been a valuable learning experience.

What learning experiences do you think you'll bring back with you once the course is over?
In addition to all the interactive media techniques and communication, one main value I will definitely carry back with me is the realization of the possibility of change.

What expectations did you have before arriving in Sweden?
Born an idealist that sometimes borders on naivety, my expectations are always BIG! I want change- a 'new' revolution that will see change in myself, my country and the world. I've hoped Sweden will help provide the tools of change. To quote John Mayer, I certainly don't want to wait on the world to change.

What surprised you about Hyper Island once you arrived?
The freedom of expression and experimentation that the students are given. It is very refreshing to see and be part of. The students work with the idea of anything is possible is certainly inspiring!

What's culturally different between your home country and Sweden?
Lebanon is a country under-construction. It is a country that has still not found its true identity. I'm not sure if finding an identity is the solution or as Rem Koolhaas said in his book SMLXL it is just a mouse trap. What is certain is that Lebanon is rich with its diversity (multi-cultural and multi-religious) that has coexisted side-by-side throughout history. This small country with its unlimited human potential has shown continuous resilience throughout its long eventful past and has been the yearning of every Lebanese in diaspora.

Thank you Hiba!

More information on the course can be found on Svenska institutet's site.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Best wishes to Digital Media 2009

Thursday evening, November 6th, we celebrated our Digital Media 2009 Stockholm students who will start their internships next week.
Our Stockholm students will be joining Digital Media Karlskrona students who are currently at companies all over the world, doing their internships since August this year.

With placements in London, Stockholm, New York City, Los Angeles, Boulder, Göteborg, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney and Skellefteå, we wish our students the best of luck! We look forward to hearing of your future learning experiences.

You, too, can follow the students at their DM09 Stockholm blog.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Interactive Art Director students enter Moderna Museet competition

Max Ernst (1891–1976) was a German painter and one of the 1900's most important and influential artists. He was a visionary who nowadays is considered one of Dadaism and Surrealism's main representatives.

Moderna Museet in Stockholm is currently presenting an exhibition of Ernst's work. In connection with the show, the museum initiated a competition with a brief to create a typeface and a Max Ernst headline inspired by the artist's work. The typeface could be created in any format, such as vector, watercolor, 3d, or sculpture.

Hyper Island Interactive Art Director students Pål Linder and Anna Jensen entered the competition with a submission that was inspired by the art form readymade.
"We wanted to create a font based on symbols that reflect Max Ernst's life", the two explain.

View Pål and Anna's submission here. (Text in Swedish)

Symbol descriptions:
M · Eau de Cologne - Max was born outside Cologne
A · Train - As a child Max dreamed to become a lineman
X · Weapons - Max participated in the First World War
E · Hat - The Hat Makes the Man - a painting by Max Ernst
R · Birds - Birds were meaningful motives in Max Ernst's work
N · 8 & S · 5 - Max Ernst passed away at the age of 85
T · Apple - Max Ernst sought new knowledge throughout his life

All competition submissions can be viewed here.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hyper Island Workshop at Eurobest Festival!

The Hyper Island way: learn creative group dynamics to create profitable effectiveness
Monday 1 December, 09.00 - 13.00
Strindbergssalen - Berns, Näckströmsg. 8, Stockholm, Sweden

For the first time ever, the world renowned digital education company Hyper Island offer advertising/web/design professionals an opportunity to learn how individuals can help themselves and their work groups to perform even better.

Come and take part in the unique Hyper Island learning experience. Prepare to be thrown into a workshop that is a condensed version of what has been creating some of the world's most sought-after creative talents for more than thirteen years now.
Learn the Hyper Island way!

Please note: Delegates must pre-register for this workshop as demand is expected to be high.
Click here to find out more on how to apply!