Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two of Hyper Island's Master Classes

Hyper Island recently completed Hyper Island Creative Social Academy, which took place in Karlskrona. We caught up with Hyper Island's Maria Eriksson to find out more on what the 5-day Master Class was about and what the attendees learned.

What was the Hyper Island Creative Social Academy about?
The course started on the 14th of October in Karlskrona, the participants may have expected a soft start - but that's not how we do it at Hyper Island and they were, I think, a little bit shocked after the first two days, it was late evenings and early mornings.
The course focused on digital and interactive development and also about group dynamics and self development.
One of the participants wrote this afterwards, I think it describes it quite well:
"Hyper Island with all of you wonderful guys switched the light on in another room surrounding mine so that I can see the glowing door crack. Now it's up to me to go to that door and open it."

Where were the attendees from?
They were from Denmark, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Germany, Great Britain and Spain.

From an outsider's perspective, what do you think the attendees learned from each other?
I think they learned everything they learned from each other and themselves. What we do is to give the group tools to learn, there's no one there to tell them what's right and wrong, we're only there to guide them.

Why do you think Hyper Island Master Classes are so appreciated?
We do what we have done for 13 years: A mix of both the "soft stuff" and the "hard stuff", we have the most sought after digital media students in the world, and the feedback we get from the industry is that this is what matters. It's a five day course, but what you take with you from these days goes way beyond this short period of time, it's something you bring with you for life.

Tell me about the Master Class that is taking place in Stockholm right now:
It is an Hyper Island and Svenska Institutets collaboration, Young Leaders Visitors Program, is currently being held in Hyper Island's Stockholm premises. But I believe more information about the course and interviews with attendees will be posted on the blog soon.

For more information on the two Master Classes:
Hyper Island Creative Social Academy
Young Leaders Visitors Program

Thank you Maria!

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