Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catching up with students in Karlskrona

Hi readers,

We are a mix of Swedish, Norwegian and Portuguese speaking students of Hyper Island, in the heart of Sweden, Karlskrona. At the moment we are working with a module called Experience Technology, where every group gets a technology to work on. Each group consists of four to five members and our group got an Arduino, which is an open source electronics prototyping platform.
Everyday has been a big challenge for us at Hyper Island, evolving ourselves in this amazing place by practicing learning how to learn. So far this journey has had some ups and downs, sometimes it feels frustrating due to our tight schedules, but when we succeed we feel great and proud of ourselves.
Today for instance we had some major problems on the developing side of our project, but we worked on it the whole day and that's why we are still sitting in school at 1 am. We can now breath and move on to the next challenges, because they will come.
Our main goal at the moment is to shine with our prototype at the exhibition in Stockholm in about two weeks. Because team building is a necessary tool to achieve effectiveness in a group we are constantly applying it to our method of working.

Frederico Phillips, Sebastian Rasch and Henrik Suryodono


Anonymous said...

you go!

Anonymous said...

Frederico, it all leads to "Porsche" my friend.

Good luck to you and all your crew.