Friday, October 17, 2008

Hello Therese in Karlskrona

Hello Therese Larsson, current Digital Media student in Karlskrona.

How did you find Hyper Island?
I found it through a friend who had a brother who had attended Hyper Island. So it was a long way around, by word of mouth.

Why did you choose Hyper Island over other schools?
Because it was something different, and that I had heard it was not like a regular school with ordinary teachers and homework, but with seminars held by business professionals as well as different types of projects. Of course I wanted to try it.

What module are you working on now?
Experience technology, which has proven to be a rather demanding but fun module!

What have you learned so far?
I have evolved as an illustrator, but also been introduced to some new areas such as motion and tech. But I think I've grown more as a group member than anything else.

If someone asked you how you learn at the school, how would you explain it?
It's very difficult to explain, I think it has to be experienced in order to be fully understood. Sometimes I forget that we have co-workers, because most of the time the students rule the school. It's more like a workplace, or an internship, or why not a collective.
I think I would describe Hyper Island as a place where you seek out the information rather than get it served on a silver platter.

Thank you Therese!

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Anonymous said...

Therese can draw for sure!
Tore wants a "sad wolf" portrait. I think i could commission that to you for his birthday. Its on the 19th of Feb. You'll need to ship if to SF :)