Monday, September 8, 2008

One month at Hyper Island

Our new students have now finished their first month. What do they think so far? I asked two of our students in Karlskrona to answer some questions for our blog!

Hi Ole and Tine! You are both from Norway, how did you find Hyper Island?
Ole Martin: I found Hyper Island when I was 13-14 years old. I had a lot of interest in web design, and I got to know a guy that went to Hyper Island crew 7 or something. He told me about the school, and it's been sort of a dream ever since.
Tine: I was looking for some sort of leadership/management education in Sweden - something that would be different from a normal MBA. When I realised that Hyper Island had a course called Business Management I instantly checked it out. I applied because I felt that two years here would be a good start.

What do you think of your first weeks at Hyper Island?
Both: It's really been great! We started off with two intensive weeks of UGL and team building courses, a perfect way to start this experience. We've just finished our first module and starting to get used to Hyper Island's different learning methods. Which by the way is nothing like what we are used to – in a good way, that is!

You are also writing a blog on your own about your time at Hyper Island. Why did you set up that blog?
Both: We made the blog to have some sort of two way communication with our friends and family in Norway. It's been a huge success, the design has gotten a lot of recognition and we have readers that we don't even know!

And what do you think of Karlskrona?
Both: The town is really cute! Small, peaceful and with a constant seabreeze that makes sure our hair never looks the same. It's a great place to study, because there's nothing else to do here! (That's not completely true, but let's keep the illusion alive).

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Mits said...

You both look great together.
May God bless you.