Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Motion graphics is the new black!

One of the first modules at Hyper Island is a very practical course in motion graphics. This year in Stockholm, we let our Digital Media students and Interactive Art Director students take the course together. The teachers are former Hyper Island students Henrik Gårnheim, Rasmus Sjöborg and Kristoffer Övergaard and I asked them what the module is about.

- The students get two assignements during this week, one individual where they work with motion graphics in Flash, and one group assignement where they work with After Effect, a program for special effects. And since all three of us work with motion graphics we show them what kind of work we are doing where we are working, says Henrik and Rasmus.

How are the students doing?
- Great. They surprise us. There is a really good energy in these classes, says Henrik.

Why are motion graphics skills so important?
- Because many campaigns are made up by motion graphics. So you have to know how it works.

Which bureau does the best motion graphics campaigns right now?
- The people at the London based Hi-res make some really cool websites, says Rasmus.

Where are you guys working now?
- I work for B-reel, Rasmus works for Acne Digital and Kristoffer works for Perfect Fools, says Henrik.

What did you think of your own time at Hyper Island?
- It was really good. We went straight from school to the jobs we have now. The internship is what gave us the most, says Rasmus.

After interviewing the teachers, I talked to some of the students. They seem very pleased with this course.

- It has been really great. Time consuming but a lot of fun. And a good introduction to these programs, says Ola Lissbrandt.


Niklas said...

Cristoffer Övergaard för helskotta! Med ett "C"!

Anonymous said...


emil bardh unt the even holte är ju orginalen era kinesiska kopior

Emil Rydberg said...

" make some really good websites? " vad är det för jävla kinessvar?

fram med emil och even!

Niklas said...

Whats up med kommentar-agget mot kineser?