Thursday, September 11, 2008

Master Class for She Creatives - Join now!

Jessica Olander and Karin Ernerot from She Creatives.

As I have mentioned earlier on this blog, Hyper Island have developed a Master Class for women creatives, in cooperation with the Swedish network for female creatives: She Creatives, and the british dito She Says.

The first course will be held in november on Stumholmen in Karlskrona, and since it is time to apply, I decided to ask Annika Grundfors, our Marketing Manager who is responsible for this event, some questions about it.

What is the Master Class for She Creatives?
- The Master Class for She Creatives is an intensive crash course for five days in our own premises in what used to be a jail in Karlskrona. The old custody is located on Stumholmen, an island where the general public weren’t even allowed since it was used as a military area.

Who will attend?
- The Master Class will not only be attended by participants from She Creative but also from the UK based equivalence She Says and other female creatives from around the globe. This will be the perfect opportunity to boost your digital skills and work on your network!

What will happen during the course?
- The week will be filled with inspiration, networking and most of all: amazing lectures and workshops.

What do the patricipants get out of it?
- They will learn how to face clients in a better way, and be more convincing when presenting ideas and creative solutions. They boost their self-esteem and become a more edgy creative. They will get a greater toolbox when processing ideas for advertising, digital media and communication. They will broaden their knowledge about group dynamics and get the power to make a difference. They will get a better knowledge of the advantages and possibilities of being a she creative. And not to forget - they will create a strong sustainable network of other female creatives.

Read more about the Master Class for She Creatives here! You can also read an interview with Karin Ernerot from She Creatives and Laura Jordan Bambach from She says here. And to apply, click here!

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