Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurry up, if you want to attend a UGL-course!

Beside the long term programs, Hyper Island performs UGL-courses (Understanding Group and Leader) and team development. Hyper Island runs UGL with the aim to support companies and organisations to create, manage and to increase well-being, quality and profitability. More than 20 years of experience of UGL shows that the concept offers people the tools, the process awareness and the self-knowledge they need to be efficient co-workers and leaders.

The participants come from the industry, the public sector, municipal goverments, county councils or professional- and industrial organisations.

UGL is a course that is aimed towards people at all levels in an organisation. All our students participate in UGL, as a part of their education, and we belive that this is one of the reasons to their success story.

UGL has become one of the most popular and widespread leadership courses in Sweden, we offer the course in swedish or english. Check it out here!

There are now twelve more possibilitys to attend a UGL-course during 2008. But hurry up, new people are applying everyday, at some of the courses there are only a few places left!

/Petra Charlotte Arrenäs

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