Thursday, September 18, 2008

Acting classes at Hyper Island

Getting in control of your body language and real clients - That's what's happening in Karlskrona right now!

The new Business Management and Digital Media classes are right now doing a module called Communication Skills. This week they spend 4 days with an actor and theatre director, Johan Westermark. They practice presentation technique by getting to know their own body language and body status.

Today they are presenting various subjects in groups and Johan is filming them :)! Tomorrow they will all look at their filmed presentations and Johan will give them feedback on their technique. I think that's a brilliant example of learning by doing! A Business Management student, Erik Rosvall, summarise the week like this "One week together with Johan is like walking hand in hand with a lunatic - you never know what's going to happen next, BUT you know you'll have a hilarious and great time!"

New for this year and this module is that Business Management and Digital Media are working much more together. They are now sitting 4 persons, mixed groups, in each cell (as you might now the students have their work spaces in an old prison). This results in better understanding for each other, a bigger network and of course more than twice as many people to ask and have fun with!

Business Management 2009 started their second year with a challenging module called The Digital Industry Project. They have been divided in 6 groups and each group is working with two real clients - so at the moment 6 notable companies within the field of digital and interactive media and 6 NGO's receives help and inspiration regarding future strategies from our Business Management students.

They find the module really fun, challenging and worthwhile and the clients I've talked to are really pleased about the co-operation.

As a co-worker at Hyper Island I find it really inspiring, fun and worthwhile to work with all these creative, brilliant and eager students! I like it! :)

/Sofie Andersson, Project Manager at Hyper Island.

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