Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why are we rebuilding at Telefonplan?

This year we have more students than ever at Hyper Island, and since we want our students to be in a creative and comfortable environment, we are extending our space at Telefonplan.

Construction builders, carpenters and painters have been working hard all summer, and even though we are not completely ready, it is starting to look fantastic. I decided to ask Andreas Bylund, our Janitor and Technical assistant about the reconstruction.

How is it going so far?
- Good I think!

Why are we doing this?
- Because we have more students now and we want this space to be more functional and we want to create the right climate for them to work in.

What kind of a climate is that?
- We want an open space because we want an open atmosphere where people can be creative. That also suits the character of this building.

What colours are you using?
- Black and white as usual. But also some red and purple.

Who is the architect?

- Fabian Wanqvist from HOW Architects.

When will this be ready?

- The first step will be ready any day now. But then we will start to build a lecture room which will be ready in October or November.

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