Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why are there so many educations forgetting about humanity?

I wonder why - and at the same time think it is quite strange - that there are so many (the far majority) educations that don’t include being a human being (in a practical context) in the curriculum. At least, educations focusing on preparing people or expecting people to apply for a job position after graduating should focus on those issues. A recent study made by SFS (a national Swedish student organisation), TCO and Lärarförbundet (two trade unions) put forward that private enterprises want graduated students to be able to handle flexibility and changes. If you hold the ability to cooperate and to function in an effective way in a team they claim you will increase (by far) your chances to get an employment. Entrepreneurial and innovative skills are highly appreciated.

At Hyper Island a core part of all our long term programs focus on such issues (mentioned above) making graduated students employable. Sometimes when I meet people and talk about Hyper Island and I tell them that we run educations focusing on digital media they directly think that we only focus on theoretical subjects to support students to become cutting edge within digital and interactive media. How wrong they are and how suprised they are when I tell them that...

we direct courses to support students to learn how to learn
we create situations that put students into situations to practise how to handle changes
we train students to deal with problems all the time
we run almost all tasks through team work to make students develop experiences in how to make team work effective
we support students to gain deep self insight
we train students to develop entrepreneurial and innovative skills

...and finally we do set up courses to develop students to become cutting edge within digital and interactive media.

Last week our admitted students to the Business Management, the Digital Media and the Interactive Art Director program started the first module in their learning process and during three weeks they will not focus a single moment on digital and interactive media. Instead they have a rigorous and strongly experience based module looking into oneself and interpersonal relations as a foundation to increase their learning potential and to create a dynamic learning environment. All this to make them employable.

/Roger Sjögren, Director at Hyper Island, Stockholm


Anonymous said...

Why are so many former hyper students marketing all kinds of products produced in the third world by child labor?

Why is Hyper Island forgetting about humanity?

Roger Sjögren said...

Please be more conrete! List the many students and define exactly the brands they work with produced by third world labor.