Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What we also do at Hyper Island #1

To many people around the globe, Hyper Island is all about developing great, highly employable, creative talents - with a digital twist. And that’s true. Very much so. And we are so extremely proud of the nearly 300 students right now in training in our daytime programs in Karlskrona and Stockholm. But it is not the whole truth about Hyper Island.

Hyper Island is also very much about:
- Master Classes (open and tailor made courses for – almost - everyone)
- A whole range of Leadership & Management courses
- Different possibilities for the industry to participate in and share the Hyper Island experience

Here is today’s Top Five List: Reasons To Sign Up For a Hyper Island Master Class Today

1. Many talk’s about the unique Hyper Island learning experience, a few has had the opportunity to actually experience it. This is your chance to get a close look at what learning really can be.
2. You will learn more digital - by actually doing more digital.
3. You will learn how to learn more for the rest of your life by exploring your self as an individual and a team member.
4. You will expand your professional network as a member of the Hyper Island family.
5. Today is the day. Tomorrow may be too late. Limited number of seats available.

Sign up today! Find a Hyper Island Master Class that suit your needs here.

Please feel free to tell us about a Master Class that you want us to create and offer. We look forward to interact with you.

/Mattias Hansson, CEO, Hyper Island

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