Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet Inga, our new co-worker!

As I mentioned a couple of blogposts ago, we have three new co-workers here at Hyper Island, and now it is time to introduce our third newcomer!

Inga Ramsten has a background as a journalist and has mostly worked with radio.

- I've been a presenter of almost every kind of program, both in news and lighter entertainment, she says. I started at Radio Stockholm, continuted to Ekot and then into more basic programs at the Swedish Radio P 1. I was one of the founders and strategic people when the youth oriented Sveriges Radio P 3 started and I managed the Stockholm programs and staff for several years. Since, I have been doing consuntancy work for radio and television stations, mostly in Sweden and Finland for several years. I´ve been involved in programming, feedback, coaching and management and strucutural work. I had my own company, Mediekompetens, which now is resting in peace!

What will you be doing at Hyper Island?
- We are now planning my role here, but I will probably be doing coaching and feedbacking to start with. Hopefully, I will soon be involved in UGL training.

You have been here for three weeks now, what is your impression so far?
- This is a fantastic, brave and futuristic school, where every student is seen as an individual from the start. I knwo for sure that all students really feel appreciated, which also is rare and so challenging for everyone. The size of the school is great, the people coming in to lecture and support are of the highest standard.

What do you do when you are not at work?
- I try to work a lot on our house and the garden, I work out, I read a lot, I sing in a choir and also try to meet up with friends and collegues as much as I can. Also, I´m the mother of three girls - even though they are quite grown we try to meet and talk as much as we can. I love to travel to the south of Europe as much as I can, but my favourite destination is New York. Last visit there was in April this year.

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