Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hyper Island students produced a music video for Maskinen

The last semester at Hyper Island consists of a module called the Final Project. Our Karlskrona students Karl Nord and Dag Månsson produced a music video for a Swedish band called Maskinen as their final project this spring. I asked them some questions about it:

Can you tell me something about the music band Maskinen?
- It's a collaboration between different Swedish artists that had a big hit last year with "Alla som inte dansar". "Segertåget" is the second single off their upcoming debut album.

How did you come up with the idea to make a music video for them?
- Dag knows some of the people in Maskinen from before, so we approached them regarding doing a video. They liked the idea so after a chat over a couple of beers we went for it.
(Please note that Karl and Dag's Crew 12 could choose their own Final Project clients. This hasn't been, and might not be, true for all Hyper Island classes.)

Why did you choose to animate it?
- Both me and Dag had waited for an opportunity and especially time to do a larger animated project. But above all we chose to animate the video so we could get all the freedom we wanted and needed for our "odd" ideas. The skull-opening scene for example might have been tricky to do with live footage...

Have you done animations before?
- Yes and No. Dag have been doing 3D for a year or two but both of us really got into animating when we did our time in the old prison at Hyper Island.

Can you tell me something about the process with the client?
- We started to pitch our ideas about the look and feel. After that we did a script for all the scenes and took it from there together with Maskinen. Under the production we got a lot of freedom to do whatever we wanted and they said from the beginning, "do your thing" and that's exactly what we did.

Are they happy with the result?
- Maskinen and their record label are very pleased.

What will happen next?
- The video will turn up on ztv and Mtv.

What are you guys going to do now that you have graduated?
- Dag is going to start looking for a job in Stockholm. And I will continue working for Perfect Fools where I hade my internship.

Have a look at the video on vimeo:
Or on YouTube: (Lower quality)


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Har kollat videon. Sjukt bra gjort. Forza!

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cred! videon är sjukt snygg

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