Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eriks internship report!

Our Digital Media students in Karlskrona have recently started their internship period. Erik Jonsson (to the left in the photo) is doing his internship at Your Majesty Co, in New York. Since he's been there for almost three weeks now, I decided it was time to talk to him to find out if he's having a good time!

- So far it's been quite good, a very welcoming atmosphere, a diverse selection of people and projects. Ive been setup with a nice machine and a nice view in a really nice office. Everything around here is exactly the way I hoped it to be and more, so i couldn't be happier with my placement, Erik says.

What have you done so far?
- During these first 3 weeks I have been involved in designing sites for 2 major liqour brands, a site concept for a huge comic brand and a couple of posters.

Anything unexpected?
- I guess the most unexpected things were more about the actual city than the office. If you come here straight from Europe and particularly Sweden you'll find things a lot different. I spent about 2 weeks trying to set up an apartment for me and 3 friends from the class parallel with working so I have been around the city a lot since i got here. Seen different hostels and all the Burroughs except queens.

What is the most difficult thing?
- I don't think I have encountered any real difficulties here except maybe navigating the subway in rush hour or plowing through tourists in Broadway and china town.

What is the most exciting thing?
- The most exciting thing about NYC and Your Majesty is probably the scale of things. Big buildings, big clients, big responsibilities and no idle time. There is always something to do, always something to inspire you and nothing is never idle or silent around here. The office is stirring with activity from 10 to 10 so everything is just like how i prefer things to be when i do design. If i need to remind myself of where i am i just look out the window to see the Brooklyn bridge and downtown Manhattan.

What is the city like?
- I guess the city is all i hoped for. Of course once you get accustomed to things and used to the atmosphere and how things are the city feels alot smaller compared to when you first set foot here but the more you learn about the city the more you appreciate it. NYc is really about learning were to go and what to look for. And that does not really happen over night.

Would you like to stay?
- Yes!

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Magurno said...

"Ive been setup with a nice machine and a nice view in a really nice office" ahah feels like you were here brotha!

i want a picture of you hugging the statue of liberty else i will never believe you're actually in NY :)