Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet Inga, our new co-worker!

As I mentioned a couple of blogposts ago, we have three new co-workers here at Hyper Island, and now it is time to introduce our third newcomer!

Inga Ramsten has a background as a journalist and has mostly worked with radio.

- I've been a presenter of almost every kind of program, both in news and lighter entertainment, she says. I started at Radio Stockholm, continuted to Ekot and then into more basic programs at the Swedish Radio P 1. I was one of the founders and strategic people when the youth oriented Sveriges Radio P 3 started and I managed the Stockholm programs and staff for several years. Since, I have been doing consuntancy work for radio and television stations, mostly in Sweden and Finland for several years. I´ve been involved in programming, feedback, coaching and management and strucutural work. I had my own company, Mediekompetens, which now is resting in peace!

What will you be doing at Hyper Island?
- We are now planning my role here, but I will probably be doing coaching and feedbacking to start with. Hopefully, I will soon be involved in UGL training.

You have been here for three weeks now, what is your impression so far?
- This is a fantastic, brave and futuristic school, where every student is seen as an individual from the start. I knwo for sure that all students really feel appreciated, which also is rare and so challenging for everyone. The size of the school is great, the people coming in to lecture and support are of the highest standard.

What do you do when you are not at work?
- I try to work a lot on our house and the garden, I work out, I read a lot, I sing in a choir and also try to meet up with friends and collegues as much as I can. Also, I´m the mother of three girls - even though they are quite grown we try to meet and talk as much as we can. I love to travel to the south of Europe as much as I can, but my favourite destination is New York. Last visit there was in April this year.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What we also do at Hyper Island #1

To many people around the globe, Hyper Island is all about developing great, highly employable, creative talents - with a digital twist. And that’s true. Very much so. And we are so extremely proud of the nearly 300 students right now in training in our daytime programs in Karlskrona and Stockholm. But it is not the whole truth about Hyper Island.

Hyper Island is also very much about:
- Master Classes (open and tailor made courses for – almost - everyone)
- A whole range of Leadership & Management courses
- Different possibilities for the industry to participate in and share the Hyper Island experience

Here is today’s Top Five List: Reasons To Sign Up For a Hyper Island Master Class Today

1. Many talk’s about the unique Hyper Island learning experience, a few has had the opportunity to actually experience it. This is your chance to get a close look at what learning really can be.
2. You will learn more digital - by actually doing more digital.
3. You will learn how to learn more for the rest of your life by exploring your self as an individual and a team member.
4. You will expand your professional network as a member of the Hyper Island family.
5. Today is the day. Tomorrow may be too late. Limited number of seats available.

Sign up today! Find a Hyper Island Master Class that suit your needs here.

Please feel free to tell us about a Master Class that you want us to create and offer. We look forward to interact with you.

/Mattias Hansson, CEO, Hyper Island

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hyper Island students produced a music video for Maskinen

The last semester at Hyper Island consists of a module called the Final Project. Our Karlskrona students Karl Nord and Dag Månsson produced a music video for a Swedish band called Maskinen as their final project this spring. I asked them some questions about it:

Can you tell me something about the music band Maskinen?
- It's a collaboration between different Swedish artists that had a big hit last year with "Alla som inte dansar". "Segertåget" is the second single off their upcoming debut album.

How did you come up with the idea to make a music video for them?
- Dag knows some of the people in Maskinen from before, so we approached them regarding doing a video. They liked the idea so after a chat over a couple of beers we went for it.
(Please note that Karl and Dag's Crew 12 could choose their own Final Project clients. This hasn't been, and might not be, true for all Hyper Island classes.)

Why did you choose to animate it?
- Both me and Dag had waited for an opportunity and especially time to do a larger animated project. But above all we chose to animate the video so we could get all the freedom we wanted and needed for our "odd" ideas. The skull-opening scene for example might have been tricky to do with live footage...

Have you done animations before?
- Yes and No. Dag have been doing 3D for a year or two but both of us really got into animating when we did our time in the old prison at Hyper Island.

Can you tell me something about the process with the client?
- We started to pitch our ideas about the look and feel. After that we did a script for all the scenes and took it from there together with Maskinen. Under the production we got a lot of freedom to do whatever we wanted and they said from the beginning, "do your thing" and that's exactly what we did.

Are they happy with the result?
- Maskinen and their record label are very pleased.

What will happen next?
- The video will turn up on ztv and Mtv.

What are you guys going to do now that you have graduated?
- Dag is going to start looking for a job in Stockholm. And I will continue working for Perfect Fools where I hade my internship.

Have a look at the video on vimeo:
Or on YouTube: (Lower quality)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meet Jessica Clarén, our new co-worker

As I have mentioned earlier we have three new co-workers here at Hyper Island. And it is time to introduce you to co-worker number two. Jessica Clarén started two weeks ago and is also a former Hyper Island student. She will be working as a project manager.

What is your background?
- Well... it has been quite a jumpy road before Hyper Island. I am a former university graduate that never could find my satisfaction in any education, just recently before I started as a student last year at Hyper Island, I was abroad working with World Class International as a Product Manager. I have always in so many wonderful and terrible ways had the ability to take my life to the next level.

What do you think of your own learning experience at Hyper Island?
- It was the best experience so far in my life. Though it wouldn't have been the same if I wasn't ready for the challenge.

How did you end up working here after your graduation?
- For me it was to finally be in the right place at the exact correct timing in life. I had the picture quite clear after just a few weeks, that Hyper Island is an environment I want to work within. And that here I can get as much as i give in so many amazing ways. So when the opportunity was given to me every single inch of my body just said yes.

So you must be happy to work here now?
- I am shining like the sun.

What do you do when you are not at Hyper Island? I heard something about working in a gym?
- hahha... well both me and our co-worker Micke share the same passion for fitness and we both are teaching at World Class. Making Sofia sweat, by the way. And I have my superheroes in my beautiful friends, family and my dogs, that I looove to just spend time with.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why are there so many educations forgetting about humanity?

I wonder why - and at the same time think it is quite strange - that there are so many (the far majority) educations that don’t include being a human being (in a practical context) in the curriculum. At least, educations focusing on preparing people or expecting people to apply for a job position after graduating should focus on those issues. A recent study made by SFS (a national Swedish student organisation), TCO and Lärarförbundet (two trade unions) put forward that private enterprises want graduated students to be able to handle flexibility and changes. If you hold the ability to cooperate and to function in an effective way in a team they claim you will increase (by far) your chances to get an employment. Entrepreneurial and innovative skills are highly appreciated.

At Hyper Island a core part of all our long term programs focus on such issues (mentioned above) making graduated students employable. Sometimes when I meet people and talk about Hyper Island and I tell them that we run educations focusing on digital media they directly think that we only focus on theoretical subjects to support students to become cutting edge within digital and interactive media. How wrong they are and how suprised they are when I tell them that...

we direct courses to support students to learn how to learn
we create situations that put students into situations to practise how to handle changes
we train students to deal with problems all the time
we run almost all tasks through team work to make students develop experiences in how to make team work effective
we support students to gain deep self insight
we train students to develop entrepreneurial and innovative skills

...and finally we do set up courses to develop students to become cutting edge within digital and interactive media.

Last week our admitted students to the Business Management, the Digital Media and the Interactive Art Director program started the first module in their learning process and during three weeks they will not focus a single moment on digital and interactive media. Instead they have a rigorous and strongly experience based module looking into oneself and interpersonal relations as a foundation to increase their learning potential and to create a dynamic learning environment. All this to make them employable.

/Roger Sjögren, Director at Hyper Island, Stockholm

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why are we rebuilding at Telefonplan?

This year we have more students than ever at Hyper Island, and since we want our students to be in a creative and comfortable environment, we are extending our space at Telefonplan.

Construction builders, carpenters and painters have been working hard all summer, and even though we are not completely ready, it is starting to look fantastic. I decided to ask Andreas Bylund, our Janitor and Technical assistant about the reconstruction.

How is it going so far?
- Good I think!

Why are we doing this?
- Because we have more students now and we want this space to be more functional and we want to create the right climate for them to work in.

What kind of a climate is that?
- We want an open space because we want an open atmosphere where people can be creative. That also suits the character of this building.

What colours are you using?
- Black and white as usual. But also some red and purple.

Who is the architect?

- Fabian Wanqvist from HOW Architects.

When will this be ready?

- The first step will be ready any day now. But then we will start to build a lecture room which will be ready in October or November.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lea Kovac about the first task at Hyper Island

This week our new students start with the UGL-course. A course which I haven’t taken yet, but since it is supposed to be excellent I am very much looking forward to it. Last week was, as you know by now, their first week, and the first task was to make a presentation about themselves. Nervous and challenging, but a good way to get to know each other.

I asked Lea Kovac, 31, what it was like to stand in front of a class of strangers and tell them some pretty personal stuff.

- It wasn’t that bad. Of course I was nervous, but it was fun too. And also I think it’s a good way for them to get to know me and this way I wont have to repeat it 30 times to each and everyone. People are very open, but you can still chose what you want to tell and not, she says.

Lea talked about her life and how she came to be the person she is today. One of the most important things was when she broke her neck, standing on her head.

- That might be the thing that changed me the most, she says. That’s when I realised that I can do what ever I want to do. All my obstacles dissapered. I didn’t get paralysed but I had to hold my head still for a long time and wanted to do something creative so I started to sew and make bags.

Her bags are now on sale in many parts of the world. You can check out her design on this website:

Why did you apply to Hyper Island?
- I go tired of designing bags and of being a freelncer. I wanted to work in a bureau with other poeple. And I wanted to work with digital design as a designer or Art Director. I found Hyper Island on the internet and realised that it is exactly what I wanted to do.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eriks internship report!

Our Digital Media students in Karlskrona have recently started their internship period. Erik Jonsson (to the left in the photo) is doing his internship at Your Majesty Co, in New York. Since he's been there for almost three weeks now, I decided it was time to talk to him to find out if he's having a good time!

- So far it's been quite good, a very welcoming atmosphere, a diverse selection of people and projects. Ive been setup with a nice machine and a nice view in a really nice office. Everything around here is exactly the way I hoped it to be and more, so i couldn't be happier with my placement, Erik says.

What have you done so far?
- During these first 3 weeks I have been involved in designing sites for 2 major liqour brands, a site concept for a huge comic brand and a couple of posters.

Anything unexpected?
- I guess the most unexpected things were more about the actual city than the office. If you come here straight from Europe and particularly Sweden you'll find things a lot different. I spent about 2 weeks trying to set up an apartment for me and 3 friends from the class parallel with working so I have been around the city a lot since i got here. Seen different hostels and all the Burroughs except queens.

What is the most difficult thing?
- I don't think I have encountered any real difficulties here except maybe navigating the subway in rush hour or plowing through tourists in Broadway and china town.

What is the most exciting thing?
- The most exciting thing about NYC and Your Majesty is probably the scale of things. Big buildings, big clients, big responsibilities and no idle time. There is always something to do, always something to inspire you and nothing is never idle or silent around here. The office is stirring with activity from 10 to 10 so everything is just like how i prefer things to be when i do design. If i need to remind myself of where i am i just look out the window to see the Brooklyn bridge and downtown Manhattan.

What is the city like?
- I guess the city is all i hoped for. Of course once you get accustomed to things and used to the atmosphere and how things are the city feels alot smaller compared to when you first set foot here but the more you learn about the city the more you appreciate it. NYc is really about learning were to go and what to look for. And that does not really happen over night.

Would you like to stay?
- Yes!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meet our new students!

Expectations were high this morning when our new Digital Media students entered the door for their first day here at Hyper Island. Today they are getting to know each other, and I took two of them aside to talk about their personal expectations and hopes for the next two years.

Josefine Frisenfelt is 23 years old, and says she is happy to be here today.
- I still can't grip that I really got in. But I am really happy to be here, she says.

Josefine is born in Karlskoga, but lives in Stockholm with her boyfriend. She says she likes to draw on her computor, and that's why she applied to the Digital Media program at Hyper.

- I'd like to work with design and management and at Hyper Island I can combine both of those interests, she says.

How did you find Hyper Island?

- I heard about it from a friend when I was studying economy, and then I read about it on the internet and thought that it sounded great. What I liked was that we get to do an internship and that we work so closely with the business industry. I have missed those parts in other education alternatives.

What are you looking forward to the most?
- The design parts. And to learn from my class mates. I think that I will have a lot of fun here.

Martin Bergén is 33 years old and he is also excited to be here.
- I have great expectations. It is very exciting, he says.

Why did you apply to Hyper Island?
- I liked the method, and the fact that I get to work and do my internship. I am too old to spend too much time at school, and Hyper Island seems to lead directly to work.

What have you done before this?
- I have been working as a graphic designer but on a freelance basis.

What do you hope to get out of your time here at Hyper Island?
- I hope that it is as good as people say it is, and I look forward to being part of a creative team. Working is a freelancer is lonely and often you get to do the most boring parts. I would like to be a part of the hole process for once.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Meet Sofia, our new co-worker!

This is the first week for our new students here at Hyper Island. But it is also the first week for three of our new co-workers who I would like to introduce to you. First we have Sofia Arvegård, who graduated from Hyper Island just a couple of months ago.

- I am a happy person that value honesty and farness. I have become a person that have an urge for self development and relationship physiology. In general, I like to find the facts, analyse and present theories, Sofia says when I ask her to tell me something about her self.

What will you be doing here at Hyper Island?
- My job assignment at Hyper Island includes planning and carry out moduls, group follow up, evaluation, individuals talks, administration and much more.

What did you think of your own learning experience at Hyper Island?
- I studied Digtial Media and it was amazing and terrifying every day for 2 years.

How did you end up working here after your graduation?
- have been addicted to the mix of amazing and terrifying. It makes me feel alive.

Are you excited to be back?
- Very excited. I know this is going to be an interesting year

What do you do when you are not at Hyper Island?
I spend time with friends, I work out, go clubbing, I like good food and moore.