Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Talented students!

One of our Digital Media students in Karlskrona, Simone Magurno, was recently chosen to participate with his artwork in an art book from an Australian design community called Semi Permanent. I met him a couple of weeks ago and asked him some questions about it:

What is your artwork about?
- It is entitled "Future", and it was produced in October last year as a good omen for the new year.

What did you do to get your artwork published?
- They ask artists from all over the world to send in their artwork. There is no theme or anything. You can send them what ever you like. And then they chose the ones they like the most.

Where can I get the art book?
- It is for sale on their website: http://semipermanent.com/book_08.html

Have you published anything else?
- Yes I had another artwork published on Deleted Scenes, (www.deletedscenesmag.com), a new magazine dedicated to visual arts. I've been requested to participate in the launch issue of Deleted Scenes and create an artwork around the theme of "silence". I worked on the antinomy of the original meaning of the word and i've entitled the artwork "Dire spazio pieno" (tialian for "Saying crowded space").

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