Thursday, July 3, 2008

Roger about the recruitment week

Last week was a long and intense one, where our recruitment team met with and interviewed a lot of people. From what I've heard this year was extremely difficult, since the team wanted to recruit almost everyone! I asked Roger Sjögren to write something about it for the blog:

It is a very special situation and experience to be part of the recruitment team at Hyper Island. You meet up with a large number of people sharing parts of their lives, talking about their visions and goals and in a large extent sharing big hopes of becoming a Hyper Island student. It is a great moment to start to get to know the potential students and for them to get to know Hyper Island. For the ones that will get accepted this is the time when building the long-term relationship starts. For the ones not getting on board we hopefully have offered some kind of learning experience. Recruitment days create an ambivalent kind of feeling, since you meet so many great people and of eagerness to start to work with the new students you want it to be August so you can meet them again, but on the other hand you can´t accept them all to be part of a program and that is the sad part. The recruitment team have now finished the work and I would like to say welcome to all of you who got accepted and I am really looking forward to meet you all in Stockholm and Karlskrona later on. To the ones that did not get the chance to be a student this year I hope to see you next year when we go through the applications and I also wish you good luck in whatever may occur for you.

Best regards
/Roger Sjögren

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