Monday, June 23, 2008

Sweden’s best year in Cannes – ever!

Last week Hyper Island visited the “world championship in advertising” in Cannes, France. I asked Hyper Island CEO Mattias Hansson to write something for the blog and send some photos. This is what he wrote:

About the Cannes Lions much can be said, but one thing is for sure – this year Sweden finally proved that we are up there with the biggest nations in the world, receiving more Lions than ever before. Of course (!?), Sweden has always been up there in the Cyber cathegory, but this years we were all over the place, winning in lot’s of different cathegory’s. For a full list of the winners, see

Hot trends at this year’s Cannes Lions:
- “Green” and “responsible” advertising.
- The Information Super Highway advertising (finally!).
- The Design cathegory (really, really “finally”…).

A big CONGRATUALTIONS to all agencies (many with former Hyper Island-students) that showed, as we use to say in Sweden, “where the cabin shall be placed”. See you next year!
Pictured here is “Svålen” from our friends at Great Works surrounded by custom’s officer’s at Nice Airport confiscating the Lion when he tried to bring it in his hand luggage. (He was later forced to check in the prize statue).

Mattias Hansson, Hyper Island, just landed in Cannes.

Annika Grundfors, Hyper Island, ready to party in Cannes.

Christian Olsson, Hyper Island, climbing the walls of Cannes.

Christian and Annika inside the Microsoft boat in Cannes.

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